Exterior Remodel Ideas?

numbersjunkieAugust 30, 2013

I am planning a kitchen renovation and thinking that MAYBE I should do a small addition or bump out in the front of my house at the same time. I have 2 primary goals - one is to correct a problematic entry door and the other is just to improve upon the curb appeal of the house. It's a lake house/vacation home but certainly doesn't look like one. I hate all the dark brick (lots of brown) and the house is just ugly from the road side. The road side is actually supposed to be the back of the house based on the interior layout.

The entry door is a problem because it cuts into the MAIN counter run of my kitchen. That main counter run is only 13 ft to begin with. From the outside, the door sits smack in the corner. You can't see it on the picture because its on the side wall. Looks stupid. Also there is only a small roof overhang there and the gutters leak in the corner right onto whoever is standing at the door (we have tried to fix that but it still drips),

So I am asking for suggestions that might solve these issues. I have a few ideas but I really want to see what you can suggest.

BTW, I have a thread on the kitchen forum that shows the interior layout of the kitchen section. I also have a post asking about a cantilever addition.

Also, the deck is in bad shape and I would like to remove it or reduce the size. Its just wasted space, the only good thing about it is that it makes the windows easy to clean.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen design thread

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Please include a whole home layout as it currently exists, and it's placement on the lot, with the drive, road access and views delineated, and parking areas where you park and enter the home. And which direction are the views and how do you access those views? Clearly, the deck on the front doesn't do that, right? That all impacts the flow of the space. And that will help us to help you.

I may be getting the wrong impression, but from the other thread, the gable extending towards the camera is the kitchen? With the main entry door right there at the junction point of the two, facing the porch? And the bedroom is the room with the window facing the camera? And you have a basement below to be able to move some utilities?

If the home is laid out "backwards", then we have to know what the "front" is and how it relates to everything. Switching the purposes of a few rooms might be warranted.

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Attached is a rough sketch of the layout, not to scale but it gives you an idea. The main drive comes out in front of the gabled section and there is a large parking area there that opens on the left side to a driveway that runs to the back of the house. and a There is an unfinished basement/garage. Here is link to more pics that I share with potential renters.

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Make the pantry w/d area the foyer and have the front door open there. Can the W/D be relocated elsewhere?

I would take out as much of the walls around the kitchen as possible to enjoy the view. With moving the door you could do an L with an island kitchen.

I based all these comments on just looking at the sketch you did here, not your other threads.

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I think you talked about adding a new entry bump-out on the other thread. That might be the way to go, perhaps a gabled entry that extends a bit beyond the kitchen area, something along the lines of this (but with a less steep pitch):

Traditional Exterior by Minneapolis Architects & Designers Charlie Simmons - Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd.

I'd center the door and face forward so it's very obvious where the front door is. You'd need to ask a contractor how you handle the valley area between the two gables to be sure this works.

I wouldn't worry about matching the brick, you could do the addition with wood and paint along the lines of this (but with a gable not a balcony above):

Traditional Exterior by Chicago Architects & Designers COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio

Or maybe a stone facade is the way to go:

Traditional Exterior by Atlanta Architects & Designers Castro Design Studio

I'll play with the interior and see what you'd gain with this type of addition and post it on your kitchen thread.

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