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renomommaAugust 7, 2012

Hi - we have a classic colonial style home with a portico. We really need to replace the front door. Right now we have the standard 1950's 6 panel door, with the top 2 squares being small glass lites. I really want to have more glass BUT since it's a center hall colonial, i can't do a full or even 1/2 glass door because then you would see right down the hall into the powder room.

I don't like the etched glass or the leaded glass. Does anyone have or have seen a front door that has more light and is still fitting for a colonial home in new england? It will be painted black and we will have a black full view storn door.

on this website i was thinking about maybe 2614 or 2633.


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We just installed a new front door in our 1838 brick cape. We chose a fir grained fiberglass door with 6 lites that is very similar to the 2633 you mention in your post. Ours is also painted black on the exterior. I'm not sure it is truly of the right time period, but we are very happy with the privacy as we only sit 14' from the sidewalk.

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I prefer the 2614 for your more formal Colonial, but to fit with the timeperiod you should have the single glass divided into 6 lites. You can also get wavy glass that resembles handblown older glass and would give more privacy. The black or even a charcoal gray would look very nice and complement many colors of siding. You could also browse Google Images for doors for your style of home.

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Glass in Colonial era front doors was very rare. Glass lights would usually be above or to the sides of a 6 or 8 raised panel door or on all sides.

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Here is a good reference for colonial doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Architectural Details from Old New England Homes

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