Kitchen island tile swap

deandiamondAugust 2, 2014

Hi there, I am planning to change out the tile on my island. I noticed a spot where the grout is fallen out and thought what better time to do this project. My question is will I be ok just sawing the tiles and grout out (with a grout saw of course), or will I need to take trim off, and possibly rebuild the entire top? Any input would be appreciated. (Excuse the mess as well...)

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Pic of the grout crack

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Sophie Wheeler

You will have to rebuild the entire top. Meaning demo'ing it all first. Demo of a tile counter is a very messy PIA. If you can do that DIY, you can probably get a remnant piece of a stone slab installed for just a little more than all of the materials (and time) to redo it in tile. And then you will have a smooth no grout surface on which to work.

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Thanks for this. I had assumed it wasn't as easy as replacing the tiles. I would think a slab, of any desirable material, would be significantly more expensive than the tile would be. Do you have special sources for remnants? I was also considering to do the top in butcher block instead, which I may attempt to build myself.

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Is the same tile on your surrounding counters? I agree that a better solution would be a solid surface top that complements the other counters. I don't know where you live, but most fabricators have remnant pieces you could select from. It would be so much better than tile and much less work to install. I would definitely look into that before starting such a labor intensive project. Plus, I think 2 different tiles in the same space would look strange.

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Why not just fix the grout? If you are going to take it all apart do something solid, if not just fix it.

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to give you and idea of remnant cost, at the granite fabricators here, granite ranges from $70-$110 per sq ft but the remnants are between $50-$60 per sq ft. not sure how big your island is but it may be possible to get a remnant.
also hd and lowes are cheaper that granite places in my area but i didn't want to risk a bad install with all the counters. with just the island piece (no cutouts or sink install) i would think it would be fine to go with the box stores. they have sales on counter material all the time.

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Thanks for all the input! I don't like the color of the tile, so I had wanted to switch it out with something else. The hole in the grout is always covered so its not a worry of mine. Sounds like something solid is the way to go, but I think it will be a bit higher than the budget I planned for this project. Anyway, all the input is very helpful.

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If you are still reading this thread.... Maybe consider very large format porcelain tiles.

check out this kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: porcelain tile counters

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