My helter skelter rennovation

nancitaAugust 5, 2012

Hi all,

I have been in remodel hell since early april. We are currently only focusing on the second floor. The company we went with is new and they appear to be flying by the seat of their pants. We are wondering if there is any particular order of things.

The second floor was completely gutted and new framing was put in. Then the electrical, insulation and plumbing. The plaster guy came in to do the walls and ceilings. The subfloor had been removed and a 3/4" subfloor put in. At this point, it seems like whoever was available, carpenter, electrician or plumber showed up. So fast forward to August. This is where we stand; windows trimmed, bathrooms have tile on floors and in showers,doors in, lightis and ceiling fans are in, AC partially installed (attic still untouched so no door to attic access in ceiling, no attic floor, no proper insulation), showerfixtures in and that's it.

Whats' left is what we're wondering what should be done in what order. We are going with prefinished oak floors. o, floors, baseboards, door trim, replace stairs, install railing and for stairway, install vanities, toilets, vanity mirrors and lights, and finally, paint. Everything seems to hang on the next thing: can't put washer/dryer in laundry closet until floor goes down, can't put in toilets until painted, etc.. Is it really that complicated or am I thinking too much?

Just not sure what I should be pushing for nex or does it really matter?

Thank you so much and sorry for the long post.

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Framing, then sheathing, install exterior windows/doors. Install insulation. Exterior siding/trim.

Once windows/doors are installed, then rough in electrical/plumbing/HVAC.

In bedroom/hallways/etc, then sheet rock, mudding/taping/sanding. Ceiling finish next, then sealing/priming/painting the walls.Install flooring and trim.

In bathrooms, install tub, complete shower. Install floor, primer/paint walls, install vanity/toilet. Install towel bars/etc. and base molding.

In laundry area, paint walls, install floor/base molding. Finish plumbing hookups, install washer catch basin and install washer/dryer.

Scheduling framing/electrical/HVAC/sheet rock/painting is often done as separate jobs---all of each done in one step---all the framing, then all the, then all the HVAC. Then all the sheet rock---and so on.

Bathroom work and laundry work can be done together if there are sufficient workers. Exterior work can be done as the other jobs are done.

If the same people are doing sheet rock and painting---all the areas should be done before anything else.

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That all sounds great. How can it be painted before door trim and baseboards go on? That won't happen until the floor is down.

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"That all sounds great. How can it be painted before door trim and baseboards go on? That won't happen until the floor is down."

The way I do it is paint the walls, put down the flooring, and paint the trim/baseboards before putting them up, then just touch up the nail holes.

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