cabinet handle size

aliris19April 25, 2011

For crying out loud: these aren't standard? Geez...

Does anyone have a sage opinion to offer on what width of handles to get? I have available to me 3", 3.5", 4" and 6". For some random reason I was choosing between 3.5" and 4", but if anyone has any actual reasoning for any of these sizes, I'd be most appreciative of hearing em.


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Will the handles be on cabinet doors or drawers? What door style do you have and will the drawers have the same kind of fronts? Do you want one handle per large drawer or two? What kind of handles are they?

I think we would need more information to be helpful.

For my kitchen...
I have heard it said that the handles should be roughly 1/3 the width of the drawer. I have heard this proportion used for many purposes (I think the golden mean is close to 1/3) and it seemed right for my kitchen. However, when I tried it on my drawers (which have a shaker front), it didn't seem right. But when I tried a handle that was 1/3 of the width of the center part of the drawer front (inside the rail and style), it looked right to me. So I went with 4" handles on my 18" drawer stack (inside width of the rail & style was 12"), 5.5" on my 21" drawer stack (15" inside) and 7" on my 30" drawer stacks (24" inside).

But I did buy samples and held them up to the drawers before making my final decision.

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I'm trying to decide on this now also. I found when checking out some handles, that my hand did not fit easily into some of them. So I'm looking for something a little larger than the 3" size. Also, some have more clearance from the cabinet (projection) than others. Before I buy a bunch, I'm going to order some sample handles so I can make sure they feel right. Our kitchen will have some large deep drawers for pots & pans, and we are planning on putting larger handles on those.

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Wow, you're suggesting mixing sizes ... hmmm.

I was looking at these simple emtek wrought iron pulls. They actually sort of match the handleset I ordered from them and love. They are a really good company, IMO - I'm liking dealing with them; they're local to me. And making this decision is just not something I have much heart in. I'm tired and what I *want* I'm told isn't quite right for the more traditional-look and I'm not averse to that analysis. We used to have drawer pulls very like these ones and I had no problem with them; fairly inoffensive. Our old ones didn't have the little rosette escutcheon (rw?) but I'm hoping that won't be too fancy. For the record, what I want is just plain graceful arcs. And I'm not unhappy with this decision .... just I think it's unimaginative.

So I have many different width drawer stacks. And many different height drawers too. They're shaker style cherry. And I'm thinking probably we'll get rainforest green countertops. Simple molding overhead, just the slightest of angles, 1.5" high. We've sort of blown our goop-budget elsewhere (on windows). Mostly I have drawers, very few cabinets - just a pair flanking the range and a pair flanking a passthrough and some overhead of the hood. I could get knobs for these but again, I'm tired and was just thinking of opting for all-handles. I can't quite see through this problem though - is there a reason to opt for knobs over all-handles?

Also, there are some honking-big drawers.

Good point about measuring one's fist. Moine's 4.75" at the knuckles, 3.75" at the fingers .... maybe I should go with the 4" afterall! (More expensive, those).

If you like I can link plans for the cabinets but I was thinking that was getting too excessive. I've been offline a while and have forgotten the TKO ethos! You guys are so great....

Oh, also - there are some narrow cabinets over the island. Do y'all want link to plans?

Here is a link that might be useful: San Carlos fixed drawer pulls

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Bump to stay on p 1: any more thoughts anyone? I kinda have to decide tonight (nothing like forethought) so I was hoping to hear....


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Oh boy, Aliris I hate to say it, but all this is totally up to you and how you want them to look. There are many ways to go about doing this--all knobs, all pulls, all pulls horizontal, same size puls on everything, pulls all sized differently depending in the drawer width, mix of knobs and pulls,.......

Here's what I think, if you wanna know. I think small 3" pulls look way out of proportion with larger drawers. I don't like two smaller pulls on a large drawer either for ergonomic reasons. I think larger pulls look more fresh just because it's a newer look. I like grabbing a larger pull rather than small. Knobs to me seem harder to grab with the little pinky finger of a butter covered hand.

I don't have many uppers. I'm thinking I'll use pulls placed horizontally everywhere. I like longer handles, but the style of the pull I really like only goes up to 6". I have 2, and maybe 3, 39" drawer stacks. Using the golden mean, which I generally find the most pleasing to the eye in many situations, I need either a very long pull or two smaller ones, and like I said I don't like the two smaller pull look so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Fortunately I'm not nearly to the pull-deciding phase yet. I'm glad you're there though! It means you're making progress!

A good piece of advice I've read here is to mock up the different pull widths on your cabs and see what looks right to you. Or order a bunch of samples and try them out.

I'm not sure if any of that helped you. I sense that you're back in that place of just wanting someone to tell you what to do. Do what YOU want to do as you're the one who will look at and handle your hardware everyday!

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Thanks Breezy -- I've just got a cold, that's the underlying 'just tell me' you're hearing! I do understand that it is just me by my lonesome who has to make this decision though. But your comments and the others above suggest to me this is a harder decision (aren't they all, drat it) than I'd realized. I think I'll shell out a little money and buy the four sizes -- or maybe I'll call the rep and ask him to send some tomorrow. Point is, I'll just take a little time. The cabinet folks will be a little unhappy having to wait, but it's worth it.

So thanks -- guess I should also take stock of my stack widths...ouch! They range from 12" - 40". There are more overhead cabinets (what was I thinking?); there are pullouts; super suzan. Good grief.... Can you tell this is the eve of the install? I am having serious cold feet!

� But doesn't it look weird to have the same style handle only in different lengths in the same kitchen?

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I vote for ordering the samples, even though it costs more. We got one of each that we were considering, and I was surprised to find that the sizes made a big difference in how it felt to use them. We also had some strong reactions to finishes that looked good on paper, so that's important to see in real life too. We went with 3.5" handles on most of our cabinets and 4" bin pulls on one set of drawers. With the bin pulls, the bigger size is nice, but on the others, 4" seemed too big and 3" definitely too small. (But this really depends on the hands that will be using them!) Different handles also look better on different sizes of drawers; we contemplated mixing sizes and changed our minds the day of the install and kept it the same across the board. (We already have three different types of hardware in the room, so it didn't need any more variation!)

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Absolutely get the samples! Then you'll be able to see what the different sizes look like on the different drawers. Also can see what they "feel" like...if they're comfortable, etc.

I have 4" on almost everything (including the uppers and some 30" drawers), but I do have 6" on the 36" drawers below the cooktop and the pantry doors. Single handles are fine on the larger drawers as far as function. Drawers these days are pretty smooth!

Hope your cold is better soon!!

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The eve of install???! How exciting! Yeah, make the cab guy wait for your hardware solution. You want to get this right, or at least be comfortable with your choices.

As far as varying the sizes of the same pull goes, I bet you've seen kitchens here that have this and you didn't notice it. If the pull size is proportionate to the cab size its on, your eye doesn't pick up the difference across the room. You have to look for it.

Good luck tomorrow, and I hope your cold gets better!

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Hey y'all -- thanks. Definitely need to get some zzzs here! I'll call the rep and beg for them to toss a sample in to an order coming out anyway. These things take so *long* to accomplish though! The factory is less than 20mi away but .... not worth driving out I guess.

Anyway, I'll order all the sizes, and there are even complementary styles in larger door-pull styles too. When I inventoried my cab stacks just now I was a little bit shocked to see how big some of these drawers are. I was so *Exhausted* getting the cabinet order in that I just took a bit of a break from kitchen-ing and hous-ing and GW-ing.

Seems there's been something in the air in my absence! ;)

I appreciate the cheery, helpful responses though.

Hey -- here's a thought. Check out the link below to some *really* inexpensive pulls at Lee Valley. I was tempted until I stared at them closer and I think the seam that's detectable suggests they may be a little chintzy -- not trying to diss anyone who might have them! But what do you-all think -- is this the bargain of the year or a mistake waiting to happen? I think you need to click on the 'view' button to get closer....

Here is a link that might be useful: Inexpensive Lee Valley pulls

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One more thing. Have you decided WHERE on the doors and drawers you want the pulls? That's another whole can of worms that youll need to think about too!

I've never seen those pulls. Cheap certainly. I wonder if they'd be hard to clean with all the crevices.

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5-6" pulls and at least 1" in projection. need room for the fingers...

I'd go for smooth ones - less to clean.

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I have some big bottom drawers and despite having three different types/sizes of knobs and pulls in the kitchen, I think the ones on my drawers are too small. I have 14-15" tall drawers and the 5" on center pulls are too small.

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Bumping this thread instead of starting a new one - I've got antique/reproduction bin pulls and handles, wondering if I should plan on 2 bin pulls for the larger drawers?
My bin pulls are 3 & 3/8" wide. I found a few 4" ones but don't think they came in larger than 4" (the ones that are in my dining room/original to the house are only 4")

Sounds like they'll look good on the small drawers but maybe not on the large ones.

Has anyone used two bin pulls per drawer? I see breezygirl's point about ergonomics, but assuming the cabinet maker made smooth pulling drawers, wouldn't it work (I'm talking about 24" drawers max)

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if you wanna to buy furniture handle and cabinet knob.

we are factory,
14 year producing experience,
over 8000 model for your choice.

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We remodeled our kitchen five years ago, and I recall the initial difficulty of choosing the hardware for the space. In the end, I chose cabinet handles and pulls from three different suppliers and even though they are slightly different styles and size they all work together because they share the same finish.

Kitchen cabinets rarely come with pulls or knobs so itâÂÂs a big decision left to the homeowner to choose a style and size that works with the space. A reader recently wrote to me asking about the process of choosing kitchen cabinet hardware. you can use some classy cabinet handles fromà and enjoy the entertainment without fuss.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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