Circuit breaker panel near shower.

vdinliAugust 3, 2009

DH and I are in the planning stages of our basement remodel. We would like to add a shower to a half bath to make it a full bath. However, the circuit breaker panel is right next to it in a closet that opens through the bath.

Will the moisture from the shower be such a big problem that we should either move the panel or the bath?

Or can we get away with moving the closet door out of the bath and adding a big shower vent in the bath.

Thanks in advance.


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Best to check with your local building code, they get real picky about water and electricity, as well they should.

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National Electrical Code prohibits a panelboard from being located in any bathroom.

You will need to relocate the panelboard or bathroom.

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If you show us a plan we might be able to suggest a way to avoid moving the panel.

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The panel panel can be next to the bathroom door without any problems.
It can not be inside the bathroom.

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Around here it can't be in a closet, either.

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