ceiling slope

allie22031August 11, 2010

I just had my pendents hung in the kitchen over the island and there is a half inch slope in the ceiling, so they are uneven. Since they are only 28 inches apart, this seems drastic. I asked if they could screw the drywall up higher as I have seen slopes due to the additional insulation added over time. They said it wasn't due to that. I feel like I am being fed a line due to extra work needed.



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1/2" inch in 28"? Is this new construction?

If the pendants are hung by chain you can make an adjustment. If it's a rod you can probably have that changed out, or cut, to the right length.

Got a picture or brand of the pendants?

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It might be easier to lower the one light, than to raise the other, or mount them both on a tapered custom ceiling-conforming box that has a level lower surface.

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