Transition Material between Cedar Shake Vinyl & Regular Vinyl

bobby1973August 6, 2014

Hi folks - eager to get your opinions on this one. The attached photo is a rendering of my newly built home. I've always loved the look of cedar shake vinyl siding on the top gable section of a house mixed regular vinyl siding on the bottom of the half of the house. So my initial plan is to remove all that vinyl siding on the gabled roof, along with that decorative vent as well. Then we'll replace that whole section with a dark brown colored shake vinyl. I'll also be mounting a gable bracket to the peak of the gabled roof (flush with outside fascia). My question is what do you think the best transition element would be when going from the shake vinyl to the regular vinyl siding? I want to do something different than just a J-channel. I attached a photo of a Craftsman style home that incorporates some sort of dentil trim molding to serve as the transition, and I really like that treatment. I have a cedar Craftsman style door with dentil molding, so I was thinking that the two would tie in nicely with each other. Looking forward to your thoughtful feedback. Thanks!


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This is the example illustrating the use of the dentil trim molding as the transition material.

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This is the gable bracket that will be mounted to the peak of the gabled roof (flush with outside fascia).

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What would you do with the roof return at the bottom of the gable? Would the bracket go on top of the shakes? Please photoshop the changes and post them here, but ultimately I think you are trying to make your home into something it is not and you will not be happy with the results. Your home is not a shingle-style or craftsman and cannot be made one by adding these elements.

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I agree with Chibimimi - the elements you are trying to incorporate are at odds with the existing design elements on your house. If that rendering is representative of the colors of your house, a dark brown gable (of any material, not just shake) is going to look out of sync.

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