Up with Love!

JamieDecember 1, 2011

Checked her blog this morning -- Loveinthehouse closed! Congratulations!

(Posting here because I don't want to set up an identity or whatever-the-heck-else you savvy bloggers and blog commenters do. )

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Congrats LITH! I'm happy for you.

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Thanks for letting us know....she has been on my mind so much the last few days....now, I hope the one she wanted to buy is still available and she can "get back home" :-)

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Wooooo hoooooo!!! Glad to hear the good news!

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Congrats! It's been a looong road, but you made it! :)

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I feel like I've been left standing at the alter! What?! No response in over a week?

Really though, I am very glad to hear you have started another leg of your journey. I hope our advice and listening helped out in some small way.

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^^Haha, I agree. Where's the Love? Happy for her!

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"Where's the Love?"... That's funny.

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Does anyone know if she got the house in NJ? Hope you did LITH.

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All she had to do to do was show proof that her contingency has been removed, and then her Northern contract goes into full force.

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Omg, I have so much to tell you guys! I just got back to Virginia. I'll update you tomorrow!

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Oh my gosh, it's tomorrow! You probably have dozens, if not possibly hundreds of people who never posted in any of your threads but have been reading and lurking and waiting to hear the rest of the story!

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She has probably decided to sell her story to 1 of the big networks and will be the next big reality show!! :-)

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Airforceguy, if I could sell a book, or even an article, I'd be happy! I'm a writer. The past eight years, I moved from New Jersey to Oklahoma to Ferrum, Virginia to Penhook, Virginia and now back to New Jersey again. I have SOME stories...

This is what's been happening guys: My buyer's bank never let us know that they were really going to close. No one knew for sure until we were actually at the closing table that it was really going to happen. I was very anxious about it because my first buyer got declined two days before closing even though everything "was looking good," and so I knew not to count on anything. We all tried to get an answer--the lawyer, the buyer, me. I sent the loan officer an e-mail since she seemed to like communicating that way best (responded to e-mails, ignored phone calls) and asked her to confirm that the closing was scheduled for Wednesday. She said, and I quote, "As far as I know it's scheduled." Talk about not giving a crap about people's lives. I couldn't pack, I couldn't reserve trucks, I couldn't schedule the horse hauler... oh, there were a hundred things I couldn't do! One of the biggest problems was we couldn't take jobs because we couldn't take people's money for flooring and then what if we close and have to be out of here and the flooring hasn't come in or we're in the middle of the job? (For those who don't know, we're moving to another state.) So we've been half employed since the beginning of October when they were supposed to close the first time and that has been painful, especially in this economy when making money is tough enough.

I included a lot of items in my sale that I didn't have to because I wanted this place to be at the top of its game, so to speak. Even when the buyer presented me with a contract that his loan officer helped him write (yes, I know that's unorthodox) I hand-wrote in a couple of items that I was including in the sale. If I was a bad person, I could have left that blank and they never would have known. But I had intentions to include these things so I put it in. Like appliances and my round-pen (a training pen for horses). I also verbally offered to leave some other things like the extra refrigerator in my garage, shelves, etc. When it turned out we were going to get the house we were in contract on in Jersey, I realized some of my things wouldn't fit or wouldn't work and so I decided to sell them. I made a list and asked the buyers if they'd like to see what I had for sale before I put the ads out. They negotiated me down to $200. on my washer and dryer and a picnic table set. I was annoyed because these items were underpriced as it was, but agreed. Just happy to get this house sold. Then, three days before closing they told me they thought I should GIVE them those things for FREE because they just found out they have to pay rent for every day that they stay in their family rental after closing. Duh. What were they thinking?

Anyway, that's not my problem. One of the first things I said to people when I was showing this house was that we'd need up to a month to vacate after closing because we have to move not only a family, but a business and a horse farm to a whole new state. I told this buyer the same thing. When he made his offer, I talked about it specifically. I even told him I had another offer but they'd need us out on the day of closing and so his offer was much more attractive because he agreed to let us stay in here for up to thirty days after closing rent free. But again, being nice, when filling out the contract, I thought, ah, we don't need a whole month. And I wrote in "two weeks." Shouldn't have done it. Too much to do in two weeks and we've been overwhelmed and exhausted trying to get out of here, especially since I'm not ready because I couldn't prepare due to the buyer's bank never letting us know they were really going to close.

Then Bob and his wife extorted me. Three days before closing they demanded I give them my stuff for free because they thought I should reimburse them for not vacating right after closing. Even though that was in the contract. He threatened us. He got nasty and aggressive in an e-mail and said things like "Don't push me, I know you want to move to New Jersey, if you don't give me that stuff, we're not closing. Try me." We were FUMING. Oh man, you can't imagine after all he put us through these past few months and we've been nothing but nice and accomodating. But we kept our heads. We told him he could have the stinkin' washer and dryer and table. He's going to get bad luck. What goes around comes around.

In the meantime, we've been scrambling trying to get out of here on time. We closed on the Jersey house. It needs some work so we hurried and spent four days doing some crucial things up there, then back and forth with tractors and trailers and vehicles... We are so tired and stressed! But happy! I'll be home for Christmas!

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Seems like the buyer wasn't such a nice, laid back person you might have thought.
When is the North closing scheduled?

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Well I am glad it is finally over. Sorry the buyer ended up being such a jerk. It would have been very tempting to end the deal, but after all you've been through, you did the right thing by caving into him. If karma really exists, we can only hope the minute they move into the house, the roof caves in! Congrats on finally selling your house, and I wish you the best of luck in your new place.

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WOOHOO!!! Love, I am SO happy for you to be able to be back home for Christmas! So many of us have followed your saga in selling/buying and sending good thoughts your way.
Best of luck and blessings to you in your new home....and you and your family have a truly Merry Christmas!

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I would sabotage the items you leave behind. See how that prick likes having 20 gallons of water to clean up the first time the washing machine empties.

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What goes around comes around--you did the right thing by doing what you could to go through with the closing and not entering into a pissing contest with your ridiculous buyer. Your reward is not having to deal with him ever again--he's going to wish he never burned those bridges the first time he has a question about the house or the property. :)

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Ha ha, that's true, he WILL be sorry that he burned this bridge. I was going to leave them so many little extras that they would have liked for their horses, my leftover wood, shelves I knew they'd like, hay, all kinds of stuff actually worth a lot more than what I was selling that washer and dryer for. Now they're not getting nothing. I was even making them up a folder full of all the important people and numbers they'll need to know that it took me a few years to find, all the good service providers, where to get the good hay, etc. I put tons of stuff in that folder but now I don't feel like being nice. Daveho, they're lucky we don't sabotage the set! Lots of people say what you said. But I couldn't do it. Legally we could actually take it. BUT even though he didn't keep his word, I keep mine and I'm already getting good luck at my new place.

NC, we closed on the Jersey place a few days ago. Now we're rushing to get done and get out of here.

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I'm new to your saga but had to say ... Karma will catch up with that buyer, or with you (in a good way). I know because we lived that recently. We had buyers who kept stringing us along with one excuse after another to extend the closing date and eventually it was almost 6 months of extensions. They finally did close, and we lost a TON of money on the house. It was a sad, scary, and very stressful chapter in our lives. We had moved to take a job transfer so their endless delays cost us months of extra mortgage payments in addition to the loss we were taking on the house.

Fast forward to 16 months later and we've come through it well. Between DH's new job and a promotion for me at work, we've made back what we lost on the house and we're back in our home state where we really wanted to be.

Fingers crossed that the same thing happens for you - and welcome back to the northeast :)

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