Are you quilting this weekend? Nov. 19-20

lindaoh_gwNovember 18, 2011

I am working on quilts for my kids for Christmas. I am using the same pattern for both quilts. My DIL wanted a quilt to match the draperies in their new apartment. I am using the "Lately Arrived in London" line of fabric by Moda for their quilt. It takes a jelly roll and 3 charm packs. I had to go the quilt shop this morning to buy the 3rd charm pack.

For my DD and her DH, I am using leftover fabric from their DWR quilt but I had to buy background fabric plus add a few pieces. I'm not sure if I have enough. If not, it will mean another trip to the LQS, not that I will mind!

This week I quilted the OSU quilt I made for a cousin. I hope to bind it this weekend too.

What are you doing? Are you quilting or getting ready for Thanksgiving?

Linda OH

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No quilting for me - my machine is in the shop and I am going into withdrawal! I will clean my sewing room and finish tearing out the yucky stitches from my free motion quilting gone astray... Then cleaning & getting ready for Thanksgiving. I would much rather be sewing ...

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Wish I was quilting but probably house cleaning instead :~((

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Yesterday I helped a friend & her daughter...cut fabric into 4 different sizes (& flannel for backing) so the daughter could make a rag quilt.

I also sewed up a taggie quilt and embroidered Melanie's name on it. And today I made a fleece bunting for the her's finally getting really cold an necessary.

I have more matching fleece to make Amanda a coat this weekend, and just bought more ribbons for another taggie quilt for my niece for Christmas.

I have plans to finish a jacket this weekend, make Amanda's fleece, the taggie quilt, and perhaps some fabric balls. I also bought red fabric to make Melanie 2 dresses for the holidays.

Seem like enough? Have plans that'll take me out of the house most of Sunday too! lol

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Just sewing the binding on two quilts.

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Expecting compay late tonite,afraid not much visiting
They have wedding tomorrow and have to leave early Sunday. One of girls have a baby shower to go to. Maybe I can work on my stuff owl toy I am making for my grandson's little girl. I also want to make some pinwheel date cookies and pecan pie to my daughters for Thanksgiving

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I am quilting the Snow globe quilt! I am sick-sick-sick of it, even though it has new elements, new skills, I have spent alot of time on this, and I want it finished!

I also plan to sew the final B'day Block in my group and mail it.

I should clean.....maybe I'll vaccuum. No company for Thanksgiving (yay) ~ we are going out to dinner ~ so other than the normal chores, I am free to sew.

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No time for quilting it seems. Must clear out two big rooms for painting and carpeting. When all this is done, I get to use my sewing room again. Right now it's a furniture storeroom.

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No quilting for me either. In the process of shutting things down for a week.


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My main machine is also in the shop, so I plan to load a large lap-size quilt onto the frame. If I get it quilted I can put the binding on with my back-up machine.


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May get to work on Irish Chain quilt today. Watching my grandson and he's very active. I have all my birthday blocks done and mailed for the year.
Now working on an Irish Chain quilt and my birthday block quilt. Hope to get a picture of BB quilt posted.

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I had to clean during the week for the bug man to spray. My sewing room was in BAD shape lol!!!

This weekend I'm working on the 'cat' quilt for a Christmas gift. The mice gave me a fit!

Hopefull I can get the paw prints appliqued on the border this weekend.

We are having beautiful sunny weather, but still dry. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Yup, I'm back to hand quilting my applecore. I've got some of the fussy cut figures quilted around and stuffed with wool now for trapunto. Kinda sorry I got that started...

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Am I quilting? Oh yeah! Happy, happy, joy, joy. Up in my bright, sunny sewing room away from the cold winds at least an hour a day. I have a quilt on the floor frame I've had on the decorating wall for at least a year. Gosh you know how time flies........maybe two? The last quilt challenge Vicy 4X4 put forth and she and her daughter were the only ones to hop on and it just sort of dropped.

It was something to do with stars, and I modified a paper-pieced star block and just didn't know where to quit, so it ended up a quilt project. Since it was a challenge, I am incorporating a lot of 'firsts' into it. It's against a large field of black, so I'm doing what essentially is an whole cloth quilt. I designed the background pattern. I'm also doing it in 'big stitch' in a modified sashiko style. Both are first. On a big frame, another first.

I can't stay away from it, I'm having so much fun watching the pattern just pop up out of black cloth. I've been on it a week, and it's nearly half hand quilted already. It's a 72 block job, eleven inches a block. A little applique on it, a little knot work.

Yeah.........Thanksgiving is at my house too, so I'm doing a little cleaning as well, and a little cooking. My thumb is soooooooooooo sore. LOL.

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It's not quilting but I finally got around to recovering the cushions for the patio chairs this evening. I've only been planning to do that since August so I'm not TOO far behind.

Calliope: I can hardly wait to see pictures of your project! It sounds wonderful!


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Go, Calliope, go! I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Here, a little cleaning, a little baking, a little quilting.

Actually, I finished the quilting on a baby/crib quilt this afternoon. A neighbor saw it at the end of October, and immediately said she want to buy it for her new grandson for Christmas. She didn't even ask how much, LOL.

So I thought I'd get the quilting done today, I'll make the binding tomorrow, and I can call her after Thanksgiving. If she doesn't regret her desire, she can buy it!

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I finished the two bindings and my fingers are crampy from all the hand sewing.

This is my version of the Take 5 pattern

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And here is Yellow Brick road

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Not much quilting...thinking I shoulda/woulda/coulda be in there sewing, but am baking my $250,000 cookies and making fresh cranberry salad for Thanksgiving. Lots of chopping!

Weather is great in Central FL and I do get to walk early before my day begins.

Lots to be thankful for!

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I got Evan's Critter Quilt back from the quilter Saturday morning. It turned out great. I bound it last night. It took 4.5 hours of hand stitching to bind it. I started at 10:00 last night and finished at 2:30. My husband is deer hunting so I can stay up really late without getting scolded.

I took a Confetti Landscaping class yesterday. It's a technique in which you cut batiks, solids or hand-dyed fabric into toothpick-size pieces and try to copy a photograph. You cover the layers with black tulle and free motion quilt to hold everything in place. It was fun; I met some great women and found a wonderful new quilt shop.

Now I'm getting ready to host house guests and Thanksgiving dinner.

I have one more placemat to finish for my daughter and a couple of table runners that I would like to have ready for Christmas. No big deal if I don't though. Besides, it's cookie baking time. I usually make 9 varieties for a total of about 75-90 dozen cookies. Guess what everyone gets at Christmas time around my house?

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Everyone has been busy!
I got all the blocks made and ready to sew into rows. I also made the binding for the OSU quilt but didn't get it on the quilt yet.
I am rethinking the pattern for DD's Christmas quilt. I was going to use the same one I used for DS's quilt but I'm getting tired of it after making 90 blocks.
Any suggestions for a pretty but quick and easy block pattern?
Linda Oh

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I wish I had time!! We had family in for my birthday this weekend, 22 of us total, and many of them stayed the night. But oh, so worth it!!

We also has my dd's cheer leading competition on Saturday. Her team won first place and the spirit award!! I know I'm a little biased, but their team had the best routine of every team that performed (20 total). I made a video, but I was so nervous, I was shaking terribly! I'm one proud mama!!

I really need to get some of my blocks ready for some hand work. With the upcoming week of visiting with family, I really need something I can do away from the machine. I have a hard time sitting still without having a needle and thread in my hand :-)

Thank goodness for a short work week.


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The weekend is now over, but I have 3 quilts that I started back at the beginning of the year and just finished up all the machine work on them this weekend, so now it is time for my machine to go away for the Christmas season and make room for the tree. It has been years since I was ready to put my machine away this early - I usually have some major sewing feat that I hope to accomplish before Christmas. Maybe I'm getting wiser, or I'm just tired this year! Anyways, now I must 'clean like the wind' for Thanksgiving.

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Well, I got a sewing machine repaired for a friend, and bought & loaded bobbins for them. They have a project in mind, but not a lot of experience sewing or with the old machine they were handed by grandma.

I finished the jacket I have been working on for 3+ years, I made a 2nd taggie quilt for my niece's Xmas present including embroidering her name on it, and I made new pattern pieces for Melanie's dress pattern. Got it half cut out last night...hope to go finish cutting next.

Not too shabby...but still more to do! LOL (isn't there always more to do?!?!)

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