Suggestions for door knob, flush with back/front of interior door

JustinFAugust 16, 2014

Dear Remodelers,

I am looking for suggestions for a door knob replacement for the door to our laundry room. Our laundry room is so small that regular knobs block the dryer door when the door to the room is open. Is there a latch system that would work and fit the pre drilled holes (sic pic) and is flush with the front and back of the door, so the door can sit as close to the wall as possible when it is open? perhaps one that is built for sliding doors?

Our 16 month old is pushing the door open and turning off the laundry, so it's a urgent fix!

Thank you!

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Yes, there are flush locks. You can also adapt patio door, trailer and boat locks to fit. See a locksmith, not the local Big Box. In the meantime, put a hook and eye or slide bolt beyond your toddler's reach.

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This one comes with a blank plate in the back, the problem is you could not open it from the inside if it closed.

My sister lived in a house that had small thumb turns on the inside of the closets instead of a full knob, but those were on mortise, not cylindrical knob sets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Passge/blank knobs.

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Thanks for your replies and suggestions! Got what I needed.

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Could you post a picture once you install it and give the details?

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