I'm just trying to laugh over this - granite seams nightmare!

stacylhApril 24, 2013

Ok, I'm really not trying to be nitpicky but I just had to share these granite seams (installed today) because they are so bad they are comical!

Thankfully, I have not paid the granite fabricator a single penny yet because their secretary just kept saying that I could pay it all when it was finished. Lucky me!!

I've sent these pics over the company so they can see what I'm talking about before returning and hopefully it will be resolved satisfactory.

Feel free to post your opinions! This is definitely a thread for laughter!

P.S. Granite is Kashmir White.

Seam #1

Seam #2 (not so bad, but looks purple in natural light)

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Feel so bad. hopefully they will somehow fix it. I am doing carrara marble and my fabricator said i can have one long seam in the corner where the two counters meet or one small seam right in front of the sink. Not sure which I should choose but was leaning towards the front of the sink? I hope yours gets resolved. Please keep us posted.

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You are lucky you didn't pay a dime! As you shouldnt!! They should remove it and start over---with an experienced crew.

I feel for you. Just when you think the remodel is about done--this happens. Hang in there and I hope it gets resolved soon.

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Pretty bad. unfortunately it's quite possibly as good as they can do. Was this a real low priced fabricator?

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oldryder, I hope it's not as good as they get! I would say they are average priced. They had the Kashmir White in the "shade" that we preferred and it is beautiful. Just the seams are horrible!

Hopefully, I will hear from them early tomorrow and we can get this resolved. I'm thanking my lucky stars that I'm still holding all the chips! Ugh!

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maybe they can use these pics to promote their business ...

or you can do it for them!

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Sorry you're having to go through this. We just have one bad seam---it's the only seam we have, and someone is coming Friday to fix it (I hope).

I hope you get it fixed or redone to your satisfaction.

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Wow, you are handling this really well! I would probably be in tears. That looks horrible. I'm so sorry. Hopefully they can fix it, but I can't imagine how.

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Wow, I can't believe people walk away from a job like that thinking they did a good job.

Glad to see you're taking it so lightheartedly. Hope everything goes smoothly with making it right!

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Well, I guess I wouldn't be so lighthearted if I'd paid them anything! Yesterday just stunk, in general.....found out our shower tile which was promised to arrive yesterday won't be here until next Friday, which is made even worse by the fact that the tile installer rearranged his schedule to start working yesterday and would be ready for tile today!!

Then my 5 yo dd broke our vacuum cleaner last night......

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Stacylh, looking at the first two pictures ... at the grout line where the granite meets the wall, it looks as if there is a slight difference in height with the two slab pieces ... the one on the right appears to be raised a bit. Also, what is that wide line over the seam that appears in those two pictures? What happened there?

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It's hard to see what's going on. Is that cut jagged? Then it looks like a stain expanding 1/2 inch from each side so the seam looks an inch wide, as if it's been stained by the adhesive.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

And is the filler really lavender, or is that just web coloring?

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Other than what looks like Sharpie bleed on both sides of the seam, I didn't think they looked all that bad. For sure, I've seen much, much worse. But then, I prolly need new glasses!

What is up with that discoloration either side of the seam? I'm wondering if the stone was sealed and then they used a solvent to removed uncured epoxy that also dissolved some of the sealer?

Very pretty rock!

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The granite company came back out this morning to bring the backsplash for my laundry room. Thankfully, it was s different crew and they were very nice about it and worked on it. The "staining" that appears in those photos was considerably lighter this morning and the guy said it was the acetone used to clean up the epoxy residue. He said that since this granite is so porous and hadn't been sealed (yet) that it naturally takes it longer to evaporate out.

Haven't seen new seams yet but I'm praying it's a miracle!!

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Looking at the graining across the seam in your first pic, it looks like a really good match. The second one is not bad, but the first one is really good. What looks bad is the epoxy and the "stain" on either side of the seam. Hopefully, it is just the acetone as they said and it will evaporate. If it doesn't clear up shortly, they need to come back and work on it. I'm also wondering about the color of the epoxy they chose. Again, if it still looks off in a couple of days, they need to come out and work on it. I'm encouraged that this will work out OK by the obvious care they took in seam-matching to begin with.

P.S. At least the darling child only broke the vacuum and didn't break him or herself. The vacuum is so much easier to deal with - if worse comes to worse, you can buy a new vacuum, but you can never buy a new child. Give Kiddo a big hug.

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I had my granite done last week with the same exact seam location and angled cut at the end to accommodate the 90-degree peninsula. I have the same thing that looks like a fill-in at the bottom area. My granite is Ubatuba, dark and not as noticeable as yours. Mine is not great but more tolerable. I'll send you pics later today.

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I get lavendar too. I hope that's not a chip that's been filled in at the edge.

Hope all is well when you get home!

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I find it hard to believe the stain is leftover acetone in the slab. Acetone evaporates extremely quickly. Unless they bathed the stone in acetone there shouldn't be any residue at all even by the time they left the house.

The acetone might have caused the stain by modifying some sort of filler/sealer on the top, but there shouldn't be any acetone left to be the continuing cause at this point.

Perhaps they used some other chemicals at the seam that have lingered, or maybe the epoxy components leached into the surrounding stone.

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Honestly, I was really expecting the worst after today's redo; however, I think this crew did a fairly good job on the seams, but I'd love everyone's opinion whether this is acceptable or not.

This is the worst seam.....

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This is the other seam that wasn't so bad to begin with. The only place it really seems noticeable is where it's dark next to the seam but that's the actual granite color.

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The grain matching is really good. It just doesn't seem tight as it could be. It almost looks a little uneven from here.

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It looks much better. Is the second one uneven [one side higher than the other] or is it just the angle of the picture?

Glad it worked out :)

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I don't see or feel any noticeable difference so it may be the camera angle. I put a long level on everything and it was okay. The guy said to not make any judgments either way for at least 24 hours (which means that I won't be paying them a dime for at least that long!)

I definitely don't think it's perfect but it's 100% better than it was last night.

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Marion, my only seam is at the center of the sink. The bad news is, it's in a very obvious spot. The good news is, it's only a couple of inches long and I've stopped noticing it. I would take a small seam at the sink over some of the more out of the way, yet unsightlier ones. Also, I have quartz, so there's no matching problems.

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that looks a lot better. one reason the seam might be a little wider is that sometimes a very slight bevel is added to the top edge to take away the slight chippiness the top edge can have. Kind of a judgement call if the bevel is done or not. Personally I'd prefer a very slightly wider seam than one with raggedy edges.

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Wow it looks so much better now - thank goodness!!

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DH thinks the current seams are good and has no problem with them. Maybe I'm being a little overly picky :)

The fabricator is coming back on Monday for a few loose ends...it's amazing how willing people are to please when you haven't paid them yet..lol...kinda wishing I'd learned that a little earlier in the remodel (ie, the drywall guy).

Hoping to post the reveal within a couple of weeks. My goal is to get back into thd house before Mother's Day :)

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I think the seams look good, I'm glad you could get this fixed.

I really think you'll stop scrutinizing them so closely when the newness dies down.

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It looks a lot better. I a glad they were able to improve it.

Marion, I had the same choice as you regarding seam at sink or seam in corner. I opted for seam in corner and I'm happy I did. The corner in my kitchen is a less conspicuous spot. If the seam was at the sink, I'd be looking right at it all the time. And what if the seam was not perfect
Like so many have expressed here.

Also, my friend has her granite seamed at the sink and a plumbing issue cause the granite to shifts bit. They wanted her to sign a release of liability to realign it so that if the granite broke, the repair man was not responsible. That was another reason I chose the corner. Not as much risk of shifting above my lazy Susan.

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