Kandu Coat?

michigooseNovember 16, 2010

I'm contemplating starting one, but the directions seemed a bit squirrelly. I was wondering if anyone had ever made it and if they could give me the heads up on any problems you might have had.




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I'm of no help to you Lisa, but I had a hard time finding what you were talking about on the blog site, so I'm just putting up a link to the pattern I think you are talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kandu coat pattern

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Yes, that is the pattern. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. The blog is just my quilting and gardening blog.

I'm contemplating starting the Kandu coat...but it seems like it could be a bit dicey. For one thing, she has you cut strips of muslin and then sew the strips of fabric to the muslin....I guess in no determinate lengths, just to your liking...only problem is that there wasn't a requirement for muslin in the pattern....I don't think....I've had the pattern for years wanting to do it and now I need it so I thought I'd dive in, but after reading through the directions (novel idea) I thought I'd check to see if there was anything I should know about it first.

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I really like it.

I hope you'll give it a whirl and then model it for us.

If the directions aren't specific enough, there is often a phone number or website addie where you can ask questions as you construct.

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Sorry! Nice blog! I was trying to find some kind of feedback from anyone who has constructed this but only came up with the pattern descriptions. (You probably already know this) but it sounded like the muslin is used as batting between the lining and the strip-pieced front.

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I suspect that you start with whole pieces of muslin cut into the correct shape and then apply the strips of patterned fabric in a flip and sew style as if you were making a strip quilt.

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Actually Fran, no. You cut the muslin into strips and sew the, I guess randomly cut, strips of printed fabric to the strips.

I have the directions, I just wanted to know if anyone had made it if they had any tips before I forged my way into the unknown. So many of these patterns leave out bits and parts or in some cases, have lots of errata...viz Judy Niemyer.

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Actually fran's approach sounds do-able and you'd have a smooth lining with no shift from lining to pieced layer. You'd have raw edges under the arms raglan arms/sides and raw edges where the sleeves are attached to the body. But that's not much and they could be enclosed in a narrow muslin binding.

Sounds very practical to me.

Anyway, I love the watercolor approach to the strip placement in the illustration karpet furnished. Gives subtle and appropriately Oriental interest to garment with a very simple shape.

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