Looking for suggestions on odd Kitchen layout

ScrappygalApril 25, 2014

I have been puzzling over my kitchen. I am lucky in that I have two openings, lots of space (10 1/2x15 1/2 and two windows that look out to our grade school next door! However... trying to find something to follow online is next to impossible, it's not a galley, it's not a U or a G or an L!

How the kitchen is now: Eat in area has island with overhang and 4 large drawers. My wish list:
1) still a place to eat in the kitchen
2) about 2 more food storage cupboards
3) 1-2 more "kitchen stuff" cupboards
4) would love to have the oven on the same side as the sink-I often find myself turning from oven with a pot of boiling pasta to take to the sink to drain it to find a little one under foot (we have 3 small children).
5) resalable-not sure if this is our forever home and I don't want to scare off buyers.

View from wall behind current island.

My first remodel idea that I'm actually happy with. It involves basically tearing down a non-loadbearing wall/opening the existing opening. The only issue is I have the dishwasher next to the stove. While I find this odd, I can't have it in the peninsula as it would open into the sink area where I'm usually loading dishes. If I have the peninsula coming out of the opposite wall and move the dishwasher to the left of the sink, the dishwasher opens directly into the path to the dining room. The advantage is it gives me a landing pad next to the oven on the left. On the right side of the oven I'd have drawers for pots and pans and drawer for ladles, spoons, etc. The cupboard above the dishwasher will be for oils, spices, pasta and rice.

The drawers on the peninsula will house our cups, bowls and plates. My kids unload the dishwasher and set the table, this allows the dishes to be at their level, it's close to the dining room, eating area (we'd be eating our breakfast and lunch there as we do at the current island and the peninsula we had in our last house-the dining table is for dinner), the dishwasher is still close enough that unloading is not burdensome as eating dishes are our most used dishes.

The new flooring would match the rest of the main level (dining and living room and hallway).

I think stainless dishwasher and stove next to each other might be a bit much, I think maybe black dishwasher next to stainless stove might be better? The vent will be through the microwave and it will vent outside. The stove will be a 1/3&2/3 split with convection or 50/50 with convection, microwave will have fan with it. Cabinet above will hide the exhaust while still providing some storage, or maybe since it's lopsided with that oil/spice cupboard maybe a nicer exhaust fan would look better? Not sure what my options are with micro over oven and exhaust outside.

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You have a huge stretch of countertop on the 10' side of the ktichen, but no prep space between sink and stove. Could you move the stove onto the 10' side? You wouldn't have to cross an isle when moving a hot pot, simply move along the edge of the counter.

Any chance you could change the two windows into one wider one? If so, you could move the sink to the right a bit, putting the DW on the left for easy unload into the peninsula. Otherwise, you're crossing the sink every time to get to where the dishes are stored.

If you can't move the windows and do move the stove, consider eliminating the upper cabinets on the wall between the two windows, it would really open up the space. Using drawers instead of doors on the bottom cabinets would give you a lot more useable storage. You may find that you gain enough space doing that to allow you to have fewer upper cabinets.

What is behind the space with the stools? Need to make sure you allow enough space for walking behind them.

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The window is probably a no-go, we just replaced the siding last year. Between also redoing a bathroom and a driveway that needs widening, the less I can change the footprint and drive up the price, the better. (We took a great deal on the house knowing that we'd need our additional house budget for renovations)

There is a counter between the oven and the sink-but it doesn't show in the picture-the dishwasher is between them and would have counter space on top of it, but I do see what you mean, it might be nice to have a little more.

I did think of a solution for the oven next to dishwasher issue last night-what if I do a cooktop instead of oven and instead of all just boring upper and lower cabinets on the far wall put in a wall oven?

I will consider your suggestion about removing some of the top cabinets near the window as this was one fear that there's a going overboard. With all the cabinetry around the fridge and if I had a wall oven with more cabinetry, the top cabinets might not be necessary. another friend suggested putting overhead cabinets over the eating peninsula, but I'm pretty sure that people are taking those out nowadays :)

Behind the space with the stools is the dining room which is not too small, just about right. We had a similar set up in our old house with a peninsula next to the dining room that we used all the time, however in the old house, there was also a sliding door to the outside to contend with which is not an issue here. I originally had the peninsula coming from the fridge side, then a friend suggested moving it to the sink side as I have it now and I like it because now the stools are further into the dining room which means even less walking around them in the dining room.

If I did a cooktop I could even move the cooktop more towards the other window-with an oven, back controls would be in front of the window (the bottom window trim is right at counter height), which would allow for even more landing space between the sink and the stove.

Thank you for your thoughts!

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The main prep area will naturally occur between the sink and the range. The counter to the right of the range will see little use. can you move the range to the back wall? Put the microwave somewhere other than OTR?

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How strong are the downdraft fans? Could I move the cooktop to be in front of the other window? Then I'd have about 55 inches of prep space between the sink and the cooktop, but I worry about fogging up the window and I couldn't have a range hood without blocking the window. If I move it any further away I think my work triangle will be too long, but might be fun to be able to look out the window while cooking...

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Move the range to the top wall and put the sink between the windows. The triangle will be fine.

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So put the range where the sink is under the window?

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I think she is saying to put the sink where the stove is and the stove on the wall opposite the peninsula (where all the cabinets are.) This would still give you a view, only better because you would be able to see out both windows. This would also help break up that wall of cabinets at that end.

In my house our kitchen is open to the dining room and I would never expect someone to sit at the island and eat instead of taking three or four more steps to the dining room table and you would essentially have that same setup with your peninsula and dining room.

My first thought was that the end where all the cabinets are is a great place for a banquette, but I had not gotten further than that to the cooking space layout. Can you share a link of your layout? There should be a way to email yourself, and the email will contain a link you can share here with us and we can play around with it. :o) But not destroy your original design, of course.

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I'll see if I can figure it out. I did consider a banquet. It's a tight fit and someone has to climb into the middle. I know the counter eating area next to dining room seems odd, but we had it at the old place and loved it. It served as a buffet area for parties, the kids eat there for breakfast and lunch, dinner is at the table. I had considered just getting rid of the eat in feature, but I feel like that might hurt resale in the future. We also have a very large family nearby (6 additional adults and 5 more children within 5km and another 2 adults, 2 teens and 2 children within 20 minutes) so extra seating is something we can use (though we have a great deck in back to use for summer entertaining).

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I think this is what the above posters are suggesting:

This gives you much more prep space between sink and range. My current kitchen has a large expanse of counter that isn't useful as it could be because it's not between sink and range. It's between sink and nothing.

I did a few other tweaks. I'm suggesting you recess the fridge into the wall so that it protrudes less into the room and looks more built-in. I also put in what I think are your clearances (it looks like you are using IKEA software so I'm assuming IKEA cabs, too). If so, the peninsula won't seat 3, only 2. The recommended minimum for counter seating is 24" per person.

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Sorry, I can't sketch this for you (Picasa doesn't work with your pictures) but I would leave the kitchen much as it is.

If you can move the doorway down towards the 'bottom' wall that's next to the range, I would add a small peninsula off that range end of the counter top, for a prep sink. If there's space for a stool or two, even better.

Then, I'd put a window seat in front of the big window with a small table and a couple of small chairs...coffee/snack seating. The 'bottom' wall could be all pantry storage and extra work space. Also a great space for display or extra dishes :)

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Lisa... that is an interesting idea. I'll have to do the measurement, but is this too long of a work triangle? It does solve both the problem of wanting the stove and sink on the same side as well as the "oven and dishwasher next to each other feels a little awkward" issue....

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What Lisa drew is what I was suggesting.

As for scaring off buyers, just me, but your current layout would be a "gut job" to as a buyer for lack of function and as you said having to cross the aisle with hot pots.

Each area is different but it seems now that many homes are having just one table area and maybe an island or peninsula to sit at.

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