french door deadbolt stuck

Sally BrownleeAugust 19, 2009

My french door is stuck. It has a lever type handle and it will not budge up or down.

I have taken off all the hardware inside and out and still cannot get to the problem.

The locking hardware is two steps:

One is a knob that you turn and opens the deadbolt directly above the handle.

Second locks are activated by lifting up or pushing down on the lever handle. These locks are small, but are at the very top and bottom of the edge of the door and swing out into the jamb. I am pretty certain it is those that are causing the problem, but I can't be sure because the lever is just completely frozen.

The only other thing I can think to do is to take it off the hinges.

The main problem then is I need to fix it the same day! At least the way it is, it is locked.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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I had a problem like that once with a similar design door. I finally figured out that the problem was not with the lock. It is possible that the door has warped slightly and is putting pressure on the top or bottom lock/pin, which causes friction and can make it seem like the lock is stuck. If it's a door that opens to the outside, it's also possible that the pin at the bottom has gotten corroded a little from moisture. Stand on the side the door opens to; then use your shoulder to put some weight against the door toward the top, or your foot to provide pressure against the bottom, and see if you can get the handle to turn.

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Sally Brownlee

thanks - I'll try that!
It has always been a PITA door - it is constantly moving around and I need to fiddle with the adjustment screws up/down for alignment.

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Sally Brownlee

okay - still not working.
It is definately the deadlbolt directly by the door lever.
The upper and bottom locks swing just fine.

I tried take the bolts out the hinges and they way it is configured, the 2 parts will not slide past each other.

Gosh, I am completely out of ideas.

Is it time to call a locksmith?

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If you have a little mechanical skill, you could try taking the lock off...the two sides are usually just held together with a pair of screws. You could then see if something is sticking or maybe lubricate it a little with spray silicone.

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Sally Brownlee

I have taken the backplates off both inside and outside of door. The lock mechanism is completely captured by the door frame.
I really wish I could figure who the manufacturer is so I might be able to look up some kind of schematic.

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