Remodeling kitchen/baths - where to start?

Hawkz4UsAugust 5, 2011

We are planning to remodel our master bath and kitchen, with a budget of around 30k, and plan to finance it through a HELOC. Our question is, what to do first? My husband says first talk to the bank about financing. I say get three quotes from contractors and a budget put together, then talk to the bank. Or, are we both wrong? We need to get this going but what first?

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Get a budget together....and the best way to do that would be to get several quotes from contractors. Decide on low end or high end,ask questions of them, get all your ducks in a row and then go to the bank. When you go to the bank you want to look like you know what you are talking about and already have a budget. Good luck!

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With that budget, your're talking pretty low end finishes for both a kitchen and a bath especially with having to pay labor. Average kitchens are 30-40K and average baths 12-15K. If you can beef up your DIY skills, that will help your budget go further.

You need to prioritize, and put together a list of "musts", "nice to haves" and "dream upgrades". You want to satisfy all of your musts plus have at least one small dream upgrade, even if you have to cut the budget on other items. That will make all of the pain and mess worthwhile.

Start planning your layout now by posting the existing space in the Kitchens Forum. You'll get a lot of help and suggestions as to how to choose budget friendly materials.

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