Recoat Latex Interior - wait times

jerry_njAugust 16, 2011

I notice, again, that the label instructions for a latex satin enamel, interior, Krylon, calls for a wait time of 6 hours, but not more than 24 hours for applying a second coat.

I suppose this may mean that after 6 hours the coat is hard enough to hold the wetness of a second coat, but soft enough to not require roughing up/sanding. Does that make sense?

I suppose if 24 or more hours, then one should do a light sanding before applying a second coat. I do not think 24 hours accomplishing "curing", but suppose it is possible that that amount of time (on average) sets the surface enough to raise the adhesion problem if not sanded lightly first.

Help appreciated.

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Most mfgr's recommend best adhesion for the second topcoat within 24 hrs and after the first coat has "skinned". After 24 hrs you could do a very light sanding to etch the glazing of the "cured" first coat, but I agree with you that the curing process is much longer for most water based paints even when dry to the touch. You are right on track. A quality paint job is only as good as the prep. On new projects I prime, followed by two finish coats. On repaints that aren't in bad a shape, (basically a color change as an example), I prime followed by a finish top coat, sometime two if going over a stubborn original color. Whenever filling and caulking are required, I prime first, then caulk and fill on both new qas well as re-paints.

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