what color carpet?

ramriceDecember 13, 2009

I am getting my house in my divorce because my soon to be ex couldn't get refinancing. I need to replace the carpet in the living room and bedrooms.

I have 2 kids and a dog--anyone have any ideas about what color/kind of carpet to choose? The only thing I know about carpeting is to get the best padding.

I also have a small ranch home if that makes a difference.

If anyone has any links with pictures that would help a lot!

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Will you be selling or living in the house?

If you'll be living there, you might want to post your question on the home decorating forum. The folks there are VERY helpful, and should be able to guide you towards a selection.


Here is a link that might be useful: Home decorating forum

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I'm sorry--I forgot to mention it. I want to sell by summer so my kids can be in a new school next fall. Hopefully the divorce will go through in Jan/Feb, my ex will put all his stuff in storage, and then I can start fixing everything up.

I just want a carpet that will be a good color/pattern for potential buyers

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If this is something you are selling, go with a neutral that isn't too light, but not dark either. We went to Lowes this summer when we sold our house. They had carpet in-stock on rolls at the back that right around $1.00 sf. The carpet guy recommended a frieze. My understanding is this type of carpet doesn't show seams as much and the colors hide dirt and traffic a little more. They have little samples you can buy to take home if you aren't sure about color. I think they also had a free pad upgrade at that particular time. The carpet looked great when we sold.

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Frieze carpet is a good suggestion! Get it with a soft variegation to the yarn, to make it hide footprints, any light stain or seams even better.

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Is the carpet damaged or do you just not like it? You generally won't recoup the cost of new carpet in a sales price unless the current carpet is damaged or extremely dated.

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A nice neutral frieze.

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Lots of good suggestions.

If I were going to live in the same house I've been living in, especially if I were going to sell it as soon as this summer, I'd live with the carpet that's already there until I put the house on the market.

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You betcha. That would be the last thing I'd do before putting it on the market.

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Thank everyone! It will be the last thing I do before putting the house on the market. The carpet is exptremely old and has stains in areas that won't come out. I really have to replace it.

does anyone have any links with pics as to the color? I know a neutral one, but a light neutral with different colors in the pattern or any other suggestions?

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I got the cheapest kind for my old house and did it as the last thing I did.

Here is a pic of the color I got. I think it was called apple spice or something like that. Might find a post I made on here about it from 2007 if it still exists.

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We too had to change the carpet before we sold due to stains etc, and put in a type of carpet that really did not show the dirt etc as we lived in the mountains--no lawns etc, can't think of name but it was short, very close weave and kind of speckled. Almost like a good indoor=outdoor. Person buying it really liked it as she had boys and dogs. Not dark, but sort of greyish/brown with a touch of blue

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