Batting Question

donna_loomisNovember 21, 2012

I am not new to GardenWeb, but this is my first time posting on this forum. Previously, I kind of stuck to the knitting forum and the Kitchen Table. But I need your help, friends.

I am going to make a reversible fitted tablecloth for a small table (3.5 feet by 3 feet)- kind of like a fitted sheet. To give it some substance I am going to put batting between the two layers of fabric. I bought 100% cotton batting. The paper that comes with it says that I should pre-shrink it. It can't be put in the washing machine. I bought 2 very wide yards ('cause I can't buy just a little bit of ANYTHING) and I can't imagine how to handle such a large piece by hand, so I suppose I would have to cut it a few inches larger than I want it to be all the way around. How much can this stuff shrink? Is it really enough to make a difference? I've already pre-shrunk the fabric.

Thanks for your help.

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It should say on the packaging what percent it will shrink. The ones I've seen at the store hardly shrink so I don't prewash them. But if you have something that says it should be pre-washed, I wouldn't know about that. (How's that for being a big help.)

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Hi, Donna! I pop into the knitting forum occasionally.

I put my mop bucket with a little water in it in front of the dryer, push the batting down into the bucket a few times to absorb the water, then put it in the dryer. That seems to get it damp enough to preshrink it.


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