Anyone heard of such a thing?

jennifer_in_vaNovember 2, 2010

I am making a baby quilt made out of 500+ 2" squares. The instructions say to use the fusible interfacing grid.

I've done this before and like the ease of the process, however it comes out very stiff. I don't like this idea for a baby quilt which I hope will be well used & loved.

Has anyone ever heard of this fusible/printed grid done in a disolvable material rather than the interfacing?

Has anyone used the lightest weight fusible for this type of project? Does it make the final quilt any more flexible & light??

Thanks for suggestions.


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Jen, why couldn't you get the solvy stuff and mark your own grid on it. Then use a spray basting to lay them out and hold them in place. Then just stitch and wash it away. I don't think they make a solvy that is also fusible. But you could easily grid it if you can get the fabric to stick to it.

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Well, that's definitely a thought. I think I have some of that...wonder what size it is? If I mark a grid with a Sharpie, do you think it'd bleed through pale colored fabric?


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I think I'd use a pigma pen. Try a small sample first. I don't think it would bleed but you never know. Remember the grid itself would be in the seam allowance so should wash away.

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Have you seen this product? I don't know if this would help you or not, but just in case....

Here is a link that might be useful: FLANNEL GRID

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Ooooh, MRG! That might work. I not sure I'd want to quilt with batting then, maybe making it too thick. But that's a definite possibility!


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But the flannel grid is only meant (as I understand the ad) to be a design wall type of thing. I don't think they intend one to sew it all together.

Quote from the ad:

"for laying out your quilt projects, making a design wall and holding the pieces in place without pins. A must for watercolor and colorwash quilts"

I'm certain they don't intend this to be sewn into a quilt as a foundation layer.

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THey may not intend it for that purpose, but aside from the extra material inside a quilt, it could work. I don't think the flannel would be quite as stiff as the fusible interfacing and maybe could replace the batting layer.

I'll have to think on things a bit more...

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Jennifer, make sure the flannel does not have a plastic backing attached, like the Fons & Porter design grid. I have seen gridded fabric /flannel that was definitely intended to be sewn along the grid after you laid out your squares. I suggest you call and find out if this product is meant to be sewn. I would be interested in what you find out if you investigate further.

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