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sparkier73April 11, 2013

Okay... going out on a limb here maybe a little bit. We are redoing the kitchen. Got a quote locally for cabs, good quality, Shaker, painted off-white. It was a budget buster. So looked online and checked GW forums. Found a reference to Kitchen Resource Direct and checked them out. I must say... so far everything has been top notch. I ordered door samples ($25 - refundable when returned within 21 days. Already returned, already refunded!). The door samples arrived within a week of ordering. Worked with one of their designers (no charge) to lay out my kitchen. A multitude of changes and back and forth emails. My designer (Brian) was prompt with replies and never seem agitated at my frequent requests for info and layout changes. They beat our local quote by $9000! (and free shipping). You read that right! So we ordered. 100% made in USA, plywood boxes. I feel quite confident we made a good decision, but I will let you know once the cabs arrive. My impression is that this is a fairly new company eager to offer great customer service, but I really don't know. We shall see. Please - if your have a nightmare story re: KRD - don't tell me. Let me live in bliss for a few more weeks. Anyway - thought I'd pass this on for anyone trying to get a good kitchen but stay within budget. And trust me - if the cabs arrive and they are nasty I'll post pics. Either way, I'll post pics.

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I was looking at them too, until I decided that I wanted frameless cabs. I agree, the designer was very nice and my interactions with them were fine. The first sample that they sent me really wasn't up to snuff as far as the finish, but when I talked to them, they asked me to send the sample back with the flaws marked (so they were interested at least) and they sent me a second sample no charge which was fine.

Did your designer come up with interesting ideas and suggestions for you, or did you basically have to tell him what you wanted?
Please do post pics and let us know, the more we hear about places to get decent budget cabinets the better!

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Any updates?

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Sophie Wheeler

Most of their stuff is Chinese, not American made. And of the ones that are American made, they aren't any cheaper than several other American made lines like American Woodmark or Aristokraft. And you're dealing all online instead of with someone in person. Doesn't look bad, just doesn't look like anything really remarkably excitable or "dealworthy".

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@hollysprings - We appreciate and value all feedback to improve our products and business. We actually sell 79 different styles of American made Deerfield Assembled Cabinets and only 10 styles of imported RTA Cabinets. Many builders and rental property owners prefer imported RTA, so we cater to their needs. Also, our customers work one-on-one with a designer over the phone and email and we have never received a complaint about this. Was there are particular product that you were dissatisfied with?

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