damaged tub/shower surround

scrappykatAugust 13, 2014

Hi Again,

I'm looking at another house to purchase and this one has a damaged tile tub/shower surround (the owner fell in the shower and went through the tile/wall in two places!!).

There are actual holes in the wall down to the backerboard stuff and damaged/missing tiles. I really don't want tile so am thinking a solid surface type of surround to replace the tile.

Anyone have a ball park figure for this type of job? Removing old tile surround, fixing the wall and installing a solid surface surround?

Thanks in advance!!

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If you go with a solid surface panel system you would be looking in the range of about $2500 for materials and labor. Surround would be taken out to the studs, new backer board, and then shower panels cut to fit the space you have. Keep in mind you have options out there that are catered to the DO IT YOURSELF weekend warriors. Save money on labor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower panels DIY

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Tub/shower surrounds run from the low $400s to $2,500+ for cultured marble, fiberglass. Labour and dump costs are local.

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thank you---that's do-able :)

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How big was this guy that he went THROUGH the shower wall in 2 places? Is that really realistic, or are you looking a possibly rotten walls behind the shower? (I guess one upside is, if there are holes, you should be able to get a peek at what is behind the tile...)

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oh wow, Kirk, I never thought about that---he is old and not very big so there possibly is a wall *issue*

They said they got an estimate which was $5000 which i thought sounded really high but maybe thats why---the walls r bad :/

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