Updating Hardie Trim

meghanb54August 20, 2014

Hi all,

I know I'm a new member but I've been a stalker (mainly of the build forum) for a long time. We ended up not building and instead buying an existing home a few months ago, so of course, here I am. ;-)

The house is hardie plank, about 8 years old, and somewhat desperately needs a paint job in many areas. When we have that done, I also think that we should paint the trim around the windows and doors white (currently just painted to match the house). Side note: all of the interior trim is painted the same color as the walls, too; the wife hated contrast, apparently. lol

Anyways, that's all pretty straight forward except in two spots. On the front, there is a window with the trim that butts right to the roof line, and on the back of the house, the windows have trim but the doors do not. This is fine with it all painted one color, but I'm not sure if it would still be okay after a color change.

So, my questions are:
1) For the window in the front, do I just have the square painted as is, ignoring that there would be no gap between the window and the roof? Or is there another solution?
2) For the back, would it be odd to have it painted as is? Or is that fairly normal?
2b) If it is odd, how involved is the process to add trim to the doors?

...or am I better off just scrapping the entire idea and leaving everything the same color as it is now?

Anyways, would love any input. Tthe build forum had so much helpful expertise to tap into; I am hoping for the same here!


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Been cogitating on your situation for a day now.

It seems to me painting the trim a different color would be a good thing.

If you were to simply paint the two areas highlighted in the same width as the other trim, it would look fine from a distance.

It would be apparent closer, but I've found from experience, you(and anyone aware of the duplicity) would be the only people to notice. Visitors would simply not notice----since we are all accustomed to seeing painted trim.

Kinda like when I walk into a room with carpet(I once worked as a carpet installer) and I have to find the seam. Most people do not know how to find seams nor do they care. :-)

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Thank you so much for giving my situation such careful thought!

I'd considered doing exactly as you'd suggested, but wanted to be sure there wasn't an easy "right" alternative that I just didn't know about. I agree with you though, that no one else will notice the "cheat". I think the windows and doors being at different heights (once trim is factored in, I mean) would be much more apparent.

I'll plan to go that route. Thank you again, handymac!

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