NQR - wish me luck!

K8OrlandoNovember 4, 2011

This is NQR - Not Quilting Related - but I could use some positive thoughts over the next few days. I'm putting on a conference for my company with almost 200 people coming from all over the US to talk about occupational safety and loss prevention. This is not part of my regular job but somehow I got talked into it 2 years ago when they asked us to be the host location for this year. I didn't realize then that I would be doing everything myself. (Yeah, I should have asked more questions!!!) We start Sunday with a reception and sign in, then have 2 1/2 days of speakers and events, finishing up with a tour of our local facility on Wednesday afternoon. Speakers, vendors, displays, demonstrations, hotel coordination, program books, food, awards, entertainment, yikes, yikes and yikes. I think I have everything done (except for my own presentation on Tuesday afternoon!) but my head is spinning.

Of course, I want it to be "The Best Conference This Group Has EVER Had".

So, this isn't a life or death thing, but I could use the positive vibes of all my quilting buddies. Shoot a few towards Orlando if you get a chance. I won't be on line much if at all until after Wednesday.


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Sending positive thoughts and keeping fingers crossed!

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Shooting positive vibes to Orlando! You will be great!
Linda OH

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Positive thoughts ~~~ but, I am confident you will be the BEST! Don't use words like needle, tension, stash in your presentation - I know you want to!
Remember to breathe and eat healthy!

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Oh Kate! I can feel the rush!!! It's going to be ok, you'll give an excellent presentation, and people will talk about how smoothly this conference flowed for years to come!

DH and I was involved in putting on a worldwide Bonsai Symposium (a long time ago) and I know how much work and organizational skills needed to make it a success.


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Kate, I know you only from your posts and your blog, but, based on those, you seem extremely capable and the perfect person to coordinate a conference. Good luck! Lois

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Good luck! I hope you get a few vacation days afterwards.


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How could it be less then the BEST with you at the head. We are all proud of you. Wish you only the greatest of successes. Jayne

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Best wishes for a successful conference! My company takes workplace safety very seriously. We have a large poster in our lobby listing the safety ratings at all our facilities as compared to the average for our industry.

Pace yourself and breathe deeply!

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