What kind of starch do you use?

downsouthNovember 5, 2011

I just read the post about using a #2 regular pencil to mark a quilt....dated back to August.

Some of the ladies said they use starch before they mark a quilt with a regular pencil and the lines do wash out. I have been afraid to try a regular #2 pencil, but I'm ready to try it! What kind of starch do you use? I used to buy Faultless Starch many years ago, but I had problems with it flaking, now all I use is Magic Sizing. Does that "qualify" for this purpose, lol?

Thanks, Devonne

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I use so much starch that I mix my own! This way I can only mix small batch as needed and it is much cheaper.

Magic Sizing will work and mark with a light hand.


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guilty of using all sorts of things to mark sewing lines from carbon paper to tailor's chalk, to pencils to wash-out children's magic markers. All seems to have laundered out so far. I like to just use my tailor's chalk I mark darts with when sewing. It wipes off with a spritz of water from my mister and a gentle swipe of the hand.

Spray starch seems to have come a long way from a few decades ago when it routinely used to gunk up my iron's plate. I am like Rosajoe in that I really like the old-fashioned starch one buys in a box and mixes. Argo. But I don't use it when making blocks but should.

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I have Sta-Flo liquid concentrate that I dilute into my own trigger sprayer. I really like a can of spray starch once in a while--especially in winter, and it has to be original scent. When I was little, I spent a bazillion and one hours practicing piano in the basement while my mom ironed my father's dress shirts--he was a teacher, so he didn't get ironed shirts in the summer. I only took piano lessons to get out of gym, so the practice responsibility was a shocker. That starch scent gives me childhood nostalgia, but now I've got my own teenagers and somehow I'm laughing with my mother at me.

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I cannot find liquid starch here in Windsor so mostly use the sprays. I must ask one of my friends who shops in Detroit to see if she can find some.
I remember my mother making her own starch for clothes with corn starch. Would that work if it were watered down a bit??? or a lot????


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The argo starch here is a dry form. Yes, I suppose one could make their own starch. I think the old-timers did. I wonder, however, if something is added to commercial clothes starches to retard mildews? Can you imagine making starch from food starch and using it on a shirt, putting it away in a closet and taking it out with mildew on it? I have used that in a pinch under wallpaper if a corner lets loose, and it can get moldy.

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