Sharon, how do you make your neck warmers?

loisflanNovember 30, 2012

Sharon, this summer when you were in Minnesota you told me now you made your neck warmers. A tube and a twist, as I recall. Can you tell me what size fabric you cut and give me a short tutorial, please? I have some leftover Minky that would make great ones I think. Or do think Minky would be too heavy? Thanks. Lois

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Hi Lois, Don't even think I've forgotten all that fleece you kept finding for me to buy! LOL Wasn't it fun?
I've never used Minky so can't give advice on that.

Cut one strip of fabric across the full 60" width and at least 12" you know, I used fleece.

Fold fabric in half, with RIGHT sides of fabric facing each other and matching long cut edges. Pin together.
Beginning 3" from one end, stitch long edge in a half inch seam. Stop stitching 3" from other end.

Turn scarf RIGHT side out.
Open short ends of scarf.
Twist scarf 4 times (more if very lightweight fabric) - I twist no more than 2 if the fleece is heavy--sg
Place short ends with RIGHT sides together, lining up cut edges. Pin together.
Stitch short edges together in a half inch seam.
Turn scarf so that seam allowances roll to the inside.
Slip stitch opening closed.
Place the circle over head, twist and put over head again.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks so much, Sharon. It's always fun to shop with someone else's money. I have three pieces that are 60" by 11". Do you think that those will work? They are for little girls.

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I'm sure it'll be fine. Their little necks are probably not that long so wouldn't need the extra width. Give a picture when you can. :-)

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I want to see a picture! Sounds interesting.

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And us lazy people cut the 12" strip of fleece, trim the two short ends with a wavy ruler and call it a scarf. LOL

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TG/Linda, People living in your area don't get out in below zero temps with gusting wind chasing the goats around the back forty so have no need of a heavy circle of fleece wrapped around their necks. But, if you aren't going to sew it, that is a good idea. Could even use the wavy blade. (make sure you don't take a breath during that first


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Sounds like I need one too lol, we get windy February and March!

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