Moss on Metal Roof?

sadiebugAugust 18, 2011

Does moss grow on a metal roof?

It's time to replace the asphalt shingles on our home & we're trying to decide between asphalt shingles and galvalume metal. The house is nestled in the woods in New England and there's a lot of moss on the current roof. We removed some trees a few years ago & don't want to remove any more.

We've been told that moss won't be a problem on a metal roof, would really appreciate hearing about anyone's experience with this issue.

Thank you!


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Moss will certainly be reduced, however, I have seen very slight moss growth on a metal roof. The roof was much older and in near perfect growing conditions, however, it is possible.

By comparison to asphalt, you will be miles away.

Here is a good site that goes into everything that is metal roofing:

Here is a link that might be useful: Metal Roofing Alliance

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I wonder whether it depends on the kind of metal roof, angle, and dampness of the environment?

My parents have a gabled, maybe? (I really don't know the right terminology but that's probably not right), nearly-flat roof that was formerly made with a small gravel on it. That grew an impressive crop of moss. Eventually it had to be replaced and they've used a metal and nary a moss tendril has stayed. How general that is I cannot say. It is in the woods of NH, very damp. The angle of the roof is not steep. It's been many years now and I think if it were going to grow back it would have by now. Unfortunately I do not know the kind of metal, though.

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You are exactly right.

If the roof is low slope, holds moisture and organic matter, you have the recipe for moss growth.

Moisture + Food source + less exposure = moss growth.

Whatever level of moss you grow on a metal roof will be 10X more on asphalt.

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