pocket door - soften close against jamb

homeboundAugust 3, 2012

I just installed a pocket door kit (Johnson 1500) using 24" solid core doors. This is for a master bathroom. To add privacy I also added door stops to the jamb to create a recess for the door edge. There will not be the standard Johnson latch so I'm wondering about sliding it closed and having something to deaden the door hit when it meets the jamb. Any ideas? I'm considering a silicone bumper or two (such as used for cabinet doors), but don't want the door to bounce off it but get muffled instead. Thoughts appreciated.

(BTW, in case anyone is wondering, the privacy lock will be a flip-out type that is installed into the door face on the inside near the split jamb side. When it's flipped open it braces the door against the split jamb.)

Thanks much.

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We have 5 Johnson pocket doors in our home and put small, clear silicone bumpers at the very top and bottom of the door. Three of them were installed 10 years ago and still work fabulously. I love them and love the extra space in bathrooms in particular. The bumpers not only protect the wood, but also make them much more quiet.

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I thought it would work so I'll go with that plan. Thanks much.

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A small piece of foam weatherstripping at the top edge of the door usually works.

It can be above the bottom of the top jamb so it barely shows.

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