Pam Bono Log Cabin pics

rosajoe_gwNovember 30, 2010

I am about a third of the way through the quilt top. It is very labor and thread intensive but I love the pattern. I wanted to get further along than this and I have worked on it A LOT!!!!

I have to put it away and start on Christmas and right after Christmas I will finish it.

I plan a future red, bloack, and white for another sis.


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Love the colours!

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Rosa, that will be great! so many pieces ... but love it!

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Wow, it's looking good! You go, girl!


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I love it! the secondary circles of white will set it off so nicely. It's going to be a real treasure.

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Very pretty. I like the pattern and the fabrics work so well. You should be proud of all your hard work but maybe Christmas offers a little rest from it. Excited to see it when you finish. TFS Jayne

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Rosa, All I can say is, WOW! It LOOKS like it's labor intensive and your sister should love it!


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Rosa, this is breathtaking! Beautiful work. It looks very time consuming and precise.
Are you giving this away????

P.S. Please adopt me as your sister :)

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Rosa, I admire your skill and your patience. It is beautiful. I like the colors and the pattern. TFS.


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Beautiful! It almost has a western look to it. It would look perfect in my house :-)


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That is just gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

Can you strip piece it? I can see that you're working with many widths of strips but I always found log cabins particularly easy because of the strip piecing.

I also set up a palate of sorts with a piece of foam core and bulldog clips when I'm working with different colors and widths of strip. Helps me keep things straight in my head and prevents mistakes. This pic isn't labeled but I use tiny Post-It notes to identify the width or pattern code.

In any case, you're doing beautiful work so ignore me at will. ;>

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Beautiful quilt. I did this one in Courthouse Steps as Quilt as you go. Youngest son really liked it and took it with him when he left home to go away to college.
I haven't done any quilting since I posted the baby quilt last year. I am so busy right now but hoping to start quilting. I would really like to do Cathedral windows.
Anyway just wanted to drop in and say Hi and I'm sure I will be back to post when I start quilting again.

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