HUD approved contractor 203k loan - woodland hills, ca

RubyTulipAugust 30, 2011

We are closing on a 203K renovation loan and need a HUD approved contractor asap in the Woodland Hills, CA area. Budget is approximately $25K. Please contact me if you are or know of someone who would be able to take on this job.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

fyi RubyTulip,

There is no way to contact you.

Possibly your lender could recommend some HUD approved contractors in your area.

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A national forum with many international visitors is not the place to seek a local contractor. Start by accurately describing the scope of the work in a written document and then send that to several local contractors after an initial telephone contact answers your question about their experience with 203 loans. Ask any family and friends for a recommendation as well as your lender.

BTW, it is backwards to tell a contractor what you are looking to spend before you describe the work to him. You receive a bid from him for the work you need and then decide if the project is within your budget to complete as planned. If you ask for bids on constructing a 25K bathroom, all of your bids will be at 25K (or above). If you sit down and describe the foundation, the framing, the electrical, the plumbing, the wall finishing, the tiling, and all of the plumbing fixtures, then you are likely to be able to get a meaningful quote from a contractor and compare bids.

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Thanks GreenDesign for your insights. Any advice on putting together a bid sheet.

RubyTulip looks like we'll share this journey. The hubs and I just started the 203k process on a fixer in Oakland Hills. It looks doable if I stay ahead and organized. I'll keep you updated if I learn anything useful. Could you do the same?

Sending your good remodel vibes! Dina

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You probably need a HUD approved Consultant, not a contractor. And they will be listed at the site listed below.

Here is a link that might be useful: HUD Site for Consultants

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There is no such thing as a HUD/FHA approved contractor for the FHA 203k Loan. In fact, HUD/FHA stopped approving builders and contractors in 1995 for all of their programs. Only lenders, appraisers, consultants and inspectors are approved by HUD/FHA. However, it is recommended to use a contractor for the 203k renovations that has been properly educated on the 203k or has verifiable 203k experience, such as a Certified 203k Contractor.

The contractor needs to know the budget for your 203k project in order to stay within HUD's guidelines and the Loan approval you received. Knowing this will help the contractor choose the quality of materials more appropriately, help you to stay within HUD's guidelines and the lender's overlays.

Here is a link that might be useful: National database of Certified 203k Contractors

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