driveway problem -- laying the entire driveway again..not happy!!

SamharrisJune 18, 2014

Long story short....laid my driveway (~900 sq. ft) last year this time. i had some MAJOR spalling on the driveway....after 6 months of arguing with the contractor, he agreed to redo the whole work. He literally JUST left my house having finished the driveway (minus the apron) and i'm NOT happy. I think he was unprepared and understaffed (5 people total), or didn't know what the hell he was doing. the driveway is not smooth...has small bumps and valleys....and overall looks tacky!

The concrete was getting hard faster than he could finish....i think.

take a look at this video from about an hour ago....they're "finishing it up". is this normal???????

vid #1:

vid #2:

Here is a link that might be useful: Video of laying the driveway.......

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They are artists!

I'm amazed you are allowed to take videos.

I haven't a clue but you might want to post this on one of the building forums. This is decorating.

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It looks like a disaster to me, I've seen them done perfectly smooth on flat and elevation type driveways. The only thing you can do now is to stain it dark so as not to see all the boo boos.

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Showed it to my DH who is experienced in concrete work. He said it's obvious they were fighting the sun, mix was setting up too fast for the number of finishers to keep up. Sprinkling water on top is a last ditch, no no, trying to bring the 'cream' back to the top and re-settle the aggregate (which should be below the 'cream' and not seen. In an ideal world given that kind of exposed surface where it appears you cannot get out of the sun, you wait for a cooler, cloudier day or you erect a canopy to work under. An experienced crew orders the mix from the materials yard based on the weather for that day. At the site, the concrete truck driver can add more water to the mix if the crew feels it's necessary or if the driver is experienced enough would even suggest to the crew that the mix needs to be thinned. Once the surface is broomed, it's done - that's the last thing to touch the surface and the fact that they were going back after brooming is not good.

I'm also troubled by the video. I do understand you are not an expert and wanted to be able to have someone else see the process but it appears you were trying to do that surreptitiously. If that's not the case and you either asked permission or openly videoed (which would allow them to request that you not do that) then I apologize.

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Dim2000, I could hear the videographer speaking to the crew, so I don't believe anything was done surreptitiously as you suggested.

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oaktonmom that was my first thought, too but on second viewing, realized it's not possible to tell if perhaps the phone (I'm assuming it was a phone) was being held casually so as not to alert them to the video. Some of the movements and angles reminded me of how I try to sneak video of my dog who is afraid of cameras or phones when held like a camera. I certainly could be wrong. I would like to hear a follow-up from the OP and wonder how he and the concrete people are handling this.

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I think a customer trying to gather information or evidence for any future issues, on their own property, trumps the contractors right to do a shoddy job and cover it up. Without the vide the customer would have no proof that they were trying to fix the problem with bottles of water.

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dim2000 said:
sneak video of my dog who is afraid of cameras or phones when held like a camera

That's so hilarious, but true. Dogs and cats know what's going on. This morning there was a funny scene with my cat and the new soft-close, slowly moving toilet seat. I tried to set it up again so I could take a video, but neither cat will cooperate as long as I have my iPhone aimed at them.

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Thank you everyone.
regarding the video taping of the crew and the work: i was video taping, using two different cameras (the one in the vids is my phone. i had a HD cam that used too at times). they were fully aware of the video taping.

To answer the questions on how we're handling the, they were supposed to come and dig the apron and do that....however, they came but didn't....not sure why.....he tried to explain, but i didn't understand. something about "too much shaking...???? what the hell does that mean?)
Anyway, his machine is here and he's coming tomorrow to prep and pour on saturday.

I'm very upset and i keep looking at the youtube videos of other jobs people are displaying, and i see how it 'should' have been done.

The first time they did this, last year, the didn't check the weather, and in the middle of doing the apron (oh, and they did the apron FIRST! how stupid is that???) it started raining cats and dogs. it ruined the apron by discoloring it due to the mud overrun!
This time, i told him the day before...hey have you checked the weather? it says it'll be sunny and 98! isn't that too hot? he said no, it's good.

and here we are....i'm stuck cause i don't want to say anything right now (although i did tell him already that there are uneven spots and he said let's look at it tomorrow and see how it looks).....because i'm afraid he might just pick up and go. at the same time, i don't think i can live with this....AGAIN!!!!!

This has been nothing but headache and trouble!
Attached is a pic from right after they were 'done'!

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I was going through some of my other videos from yesterday and came across another one.
Here's another video you might find interesting......

Now i KNOW this isn't supposed to go down like that!!!!!!!!!!
This is madness!!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Another video...of them digging???

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It doesn't look like it's being done correctly, but I have not seen a good concrete job in a long time. You may have to live with this one.

Let us know how the drive turns out.

The folks posting on YouTube are not being too friendly. :(

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....annnnnnd he's digging it all back up and re-pouring on Monday! I don't now if i should be happy or terrified!

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Doesn't do you any good to be terrified, be pro-active instead. Get a handle on the weather forecast and see what you're in for - keep updating as obviously it can change. Is your driveway (even part of it) in shade at any time of the day? If so, push for work to be done at that time and don't allow the pour at the hottest, most sunny time. If that means tear out on one day and pour the next day to get some shade, then so be it. Get specific on the contractors intended start time, number of workmen and how late he can cancel the truck if the weather turns - where I live you can cancel within the hour of delivery but it depends on your distance from the materials yard. Be upfront with him and ask him how he's going to do this differently to get a proper finish. I have to say, he's acting honorably in his willingness to do this yet again and that counts for a lot but sadly may not impact the final result - hope it's a better finish this time.

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At least he's willing to make it right, now pray that he does it the correct way this time. Perhaps the video made him think "I better correct this".

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DH & I poured our own colored concrete driveway.....213' long. Soooooooooooo......thought I'd chime in.

I'm appalled at the work they did. :0(

SInce your getting a second chance maybe an upgrade could be added. Fibermesh? and......A higher PSI uses less gravel, that might help them float it all in more evenly? Adding more water to the cement would help too....I'd be really on edge if it were my driveway.

Wishing YOU the best of luck. !!! Fingers crossed!!!

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deleted duplicate post.

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The contractor just left. The driveway looks amazing!
so, here's the contractor, perhaps realizing he wasn't the right resource for the job, hired another contractor to do the work (i give him credit for picking the right guy, and also doing it without a fight because he knew it was the right thing to do). anyway, these guys came and worked fast, and flawlessly!
I even had a mishap which they handled nicely. the second concrete truck arrived 50 minutes after the first!! despite us mentioning to them when we wanted the trucks, and despite me calling the company maybe a dozen times when the first truck was half way done!
Anyway, they did a great job......the driveway looks nice and smooth and i can't wait to put this all behind!

ps. i did upgrade to 4000 psi, and added fiber mesh. The cost for both upgrades combined was only 180 a no brainer i guess. thanks for the recommendations.

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Great! The magic of being videotaped and it being broadcast to the world!. That contractor didn't want his name thrown in the mud. :)

Take photos and post when it is all dried and fixed up. That mess at the end of your driveway last week bothered me more than the work being done. LOL It's a no wonder that mud got onto the driveway the first time.

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I love a happy ending!

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