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pseudochefApril 21, 2013

Hi everyone, I could use some help with picking a painting scheme for our kitchen. We are getting all new cabinets that are very similar in stain to what we have now (just newer, nicer, more functional, and a simpler style). So my problem is how to paint the attached eating area. The paneling on the bottom is looking it's age so I'd like to paint it. Options are as follows:

1. Bluish color on bottom and greenish on top walls. My husband likes this option as it would have more color. Both colors would be somewhat lighter than this inspiration photo and there wouldn't be cream on the walls. I guess the blueish color would be on all the trim and doors.

Traditional Kitchen by Cambridge General Contractor Charlie Allen Restorations Inc

2. Bluish color on bottom with a very light beige on top and white trim and doors.

3. White/cream on bottom and then light bluish or green on top wall. White/cream trim and doors.

I'm trying to go for a visually calm look. We have the brown stained cabinets and then brown sparkle granite which is rather subdued. Floors will be Daltile San Michele Crema which is a light travertine look tile.

Thoughts or suggestions? I could really use some help on this as color isn't my forte.

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Saw this on Cultivate this morning - two shades of blue. They specify colors and finishes...

Here is a link that might be useful: Cultivate article

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Thank you Lafacia! That's a beautiful kitchen and towards the look we'd like to go. I like how they explain how to pick the paints too, go with a warm neutral when you have a cool color etc. The engineer in me appreciates such suggestions. Any other advice anyone? Or good pictures you've seen?

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What is throwing me off is the height of the paneling. With the doors almost to the ceiling, I think the paneling should be much taller. So a blue paint might only accentuate that.

I'm going to assume you don't want to remove the paneling. What if you added a wider top molding to beef it up? I would paint it in the cream with the blue/green on the wall. Did you know Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale? It ends today!

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I like option #3, white trim/paneling/doors with blue/green on the wall as well.

How much room do you have between the top of the paneling and the bottom of the window on the right? That would help guide you as to whether or not there is room for a bigger trim on top of the paneling.

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Thanks everyone. The paneling comes to just under the huge window that's on the right side. That window has 2 inch wood blinds that are white so there's actually a lot of white on that wall. I'm leaning towards doing the bottom and all the trim in blue and the top in green. I bought two samples from Sherwin Williams this afternoon of the colors and they look quite nice. I would leave the french doors white and then the rest of the doors blue I think. I'll post another picture soon with the samples up. My husband has pretty much vetoed the white/cream on bottom option because of the dirt and scuff mark factor. He's probably right about it considering what the french doors look like when you get up close...they're covered with scuff marks. Until the kids grow I just have to try and make my surroundings as forgiving as possible dirt wise.

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I'm a fan of the blue/green combo. I love the idea of one color on the bottom, another on the top, but it only really seems to look good in larger, more open kitchens, like all of your inspiration photos, where you can stand back and appreciate the effect.

Maybe you can paint cardboard and tape it around your island or on your uppers to give you a preview of how it will look in your space?

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