Are you quilting this weekend? Nov. 30-Dec. 2

lindaoh_gwNovember 30, 2012

I am still working on Christmas quilts. I finished the binding on one last night and have binding ready for hand stitching on 2 more. A friend is coming out tomorrow to help me finish putting DS's quilt on the frame.
I made a bib with sleeves for Eli this morning.
Are you quilting or sewing this weekend?
Linda OH

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I'm not sure how much (if any) sewing time I'll get in. Tomorrow AM DH has choir rehearsal and I'm going over to Lakeland to pick up some things from my mom's house, then in the PM I think we're going to Animal Kingdom to use up our 2 tickets that expire soon.

Sunday we have church in the morning, but I may get some sewing done in the afternoon. I have a set of swap blocks that need to be made.


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I've been cutting out nine kimonos today and have appliqued one onto the block. So far so good. Trying to decide on the placement of the different kimonos. The rest of the weekend I'll applique as I have time. However, 60's this weekend!!!so I want to get out and clean out more gardens, too. Tomorrow night DH and I are going with my sis and her husband to dinner in Chicago and a concert at Moody Bible Institute. Ought to be a lovely evening with the Chicago lights and weather.

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Maybe. I'm still hand-quilting the postage stamp. Yesterday I made 2 pillow shams (standard size pillows) for the couch. I made them from blue denim and did some FMQ on the front, envelope style and flanged. They came out nice. I keep standard sized sleeping pillows on the couch for snoozing. One on each side.

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I sure hope I can get to the sewing machine this week-end!

Rita, We keep regular pillows on the couch, too. Who knows when we'll fall off into a snooze. lol


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My M-I-L asked me to make 2 placemats for her to give to the volunteer who helps the seniors on the computer at the assisted living complex she lives at. Most of the people there are Dutch so she wants them to look "Dutch" I have some fabric with tulips on it so that will be the focus fabric. I also want to work on some postcards for a swap.


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I am working furiously on this commission quilt that is to be a Christmas present. I was just finishing sewing the rows together last weekend and my DH found a major mistake, so I deconstructed the whole thing and am working on reassembling. It also had to be re-designed for a queen size bed. This is the original pattern

Here is a link that might be useful: Star Shuffle

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Karpet, the shading is awesome in that quilt. It looks pretty complicated to me. Good luck on the timing.

Mary, Tulips are certainly Dutch! You must have a great relationship with your MIL for her to ask you to do that for her.

Bev, I made a 'block' with a kimono on it.....years ago! I've always wanted a wallhanging of something oriental, so I hope you post a picture when you have it completed.


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I agree that is one gorgeous quilt!!!

Rita can you post a pic of your denim pillowcases??

Donna AK is gorgeous this time of the year - I know there are more animals running around in the summer, but the hudimity is BAD lol. We stayed in the hotel for my bday before we moved - it was so exciting to watch from the balcony as the animals roamed around. Have fun!!

I am franticaly (?) checking my lists to see where the gifts are. I start buying the day after Christmas and have 13 stocking stuffers and our party is Dec 15th.

I still have Thanksgiving decorations up, OMG, can I start to panic now. NO MORE CAFFINE!!!

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Karpet.............Oh No! It's a blessing he found the mistake, but I can't imagine having to undo something you must've feel so relieved to have finished, so you could get started on the quilting part. It'll get done.........I remember sewing like mad three or four years ago on my g'kid's Christmas quilts. I hate to sew to a deadline and one reason (even if I were good enought to do them on commission) I never shall! I used to run into the same sorts of situation running my greenhouses with the holiday plants. There is no option but to have them ready.......and once (actually several times) I did a three day stint with no sleep at all. Talk about crashing the moment after delivery.

Yes, I'm sure I'll fit in a few hours quilting, already have done a little since it's my first thing up routine. And another reason I decided there'd be no Christmas quilts this year and sewing to a deadline. I want to experience a Christmas as an adult with no pressure.

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Rosajoe, I have stopped posting photos until someone explains to me about the linking of them to facebook and Pinterest. I posted a question on the updates to GW post that appeared the other day and here it is:

I have not posted a photo for sharing since the announcement of the link to FB and Pinterest. I have also noticed that the posting of photos has diminished since then. Could you please explain exactly how this works for all of us who aren't wanting our photos to navigate to these websites? I am not registered to FB and have no plans to. I don't even know how it works. I just want to know how the posts even get linked there. Is it the same situation that we have at GW where we can create a link to a webpage?

There have been no explanations yet, so if someone knows about how this works please enlighten me or I may never post photos again for sharing even though I would love to, but not without knowing exactly how this thing works.

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Rita, I post any photos from Photobucket. But, I just went to the Naughty Sue thread and deleted the Sue pictures I had posted by using the new 'edit' option. I don't know if leaving them up for only a few hours will help or not.

Having the administrators ignore our questions does not set well with me.


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I may actually get to do some sewing tomorrow. This afternoon I adopted a 3-month old kitten named Grumpy (he was part of a litter of 7, all named after the seven dwarves), and his arrival has the household pretty much turned upside-down (it should settle down within a few days). I'll need to stay home tomorrow and babysit him while the older two adjust to their new baby brother. The new Quiltmaker magazine just arrived today, so I'll enjoy looking through that as well.
Peaceful Sundays are a good thing.


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Aw, Dan! He's so cute. Are you going to keep his name? We always end up changing their names. I hope the older girls aren't too mean to him, and that he'll stand up for himself.



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Rita: I love that Star Shuffle's beautiful and I'd so love to see your finished quilt, but I'm no help in answering the linking questions from this site to the other sites.

It stinks that you've not received a response and can't be comfortable to post a pic! I agree w/ Sharon...GW should respond and advise...what can be done?

Dan: congrats on your newest addition!


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Calliope - I seem to be getting plenty of practice this year in frog stitching - rip'it, rip'it! But it is worth it especially since it is being done for someone else.

Dan - we just got a 3 mo kitten the Sat. before Thanksgiving, and it has not been a smooth transition like we've had before - it seemed we upset the whole cat kingdom hierarchy. There is no longer any hostility, but I'm hoping we move to buddyship soon! I hope yours goes much better!

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It's only been 24 hours since Grumpy arrived, and things are beginning to settle down. Bump is acting like the all-knowing big brother and gives Grumpy a light thump on the head when he's trying to usurp Bump in the hierarchy of the family. Stella is still hissing, but no longer threatening to seriously maim and destroy. She's been asking me how long we intend to have a cat, and when is this babysitting job going to end, and she doesn't care for my!
Grumpy will keep his name because its origin is rather cool, and gives him a bit of kinship with Bump. I've come to the conclusion that he is seriously stupid, or ferociously brave (leaning towards brave) because he's been ignoring the age and size of Stella and Bump. If he wants something, he simply bounces his way into it and ignores the warnings coming from his siblings, each of whom outweight him by a good 12 pounds. Grumpy is extremely active, sleeps seldom, and has an affinity for toes. He loves pizza and asiago cheese, having stolen a bit of each at different times this morning.
And, I'm happy to report, he has convinced Bump that it's okay to eat wet food. Bump has an expensive habit of only eating the gravy off of wet food, leaving the meat to go bad. However, I've seen him eat more wet food in the last 24 hours than I have in the last six months. Now I won't feel so bad about spending 1.39 a can.
I'm scrapping my plans to get any sewing done today due to a lack of sleep (only got about 3 hours last night because someone had already gotten some sleep and wanted to play) but I'm heading into my bedroom now to read some quilting magazines, and probably have my toes washed and!

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karpet, That's one spectacular quilt. Afraid I avoid all the beautiful quilts that require set in seams...chicken! I can imagine how frustrating the "unsewing" must have been. I love "frog stitching", never heard it before, but I'll remember it now. ;-)

Dan, What an adorable new family member. Sounds like he's fitting in really fast! Hope he lets you sleep soon.

It would be nice to know about the photo issues. Hope you hear back soon.

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