Dear Jane Quilt Update...

lafonda_ranchNovember 7, 2011

We'll, it's the beginning of month 4 and I've just finished month 2! But I was able to get a few of month 3 done yesterday. Anyhow, it is going well and I've really enjoyed doing these blocks. I created a "story board" from suggestions on another post. I found a piece of styrofoam at Lowes (it was broken, so I got it half off!!) and covered it with a felt backed table cloth and was able to put up the blocks I've done so far. Some of the squares aren't cut down to size, so that's the reason for the different sizes. Here you go!!



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That's going to be so pretty. It will be the brightest Dear Jane I've seen so far. We have a DJ club in our guild and they've done a lot of them. One lady has done three.

It's a long road but it will be lovely when you get done. Hang in there.

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Good for you, Robbi. It's looking really good!


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Congratulations, your doing a great job. How big are the blocks when cut to size? Are you doing them by machine? I am impressed with how nice they are. TFS Jayne

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That is a really fun quilt, Robbi! How many blocks are you supposed to finish in a month? It certainly looks like you have done quite a few already.


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Thanks everyone!! There are 10 blocks a month. Some blocks go really fast where others take a few hours. When the kids slow down after the holidays, I should have more time and get caught up. The finished size for each block is 5". That makes some of the paper piecing squares have some really small pieces of fabric. There is also a nice mix of machine and hand work in these blocks. I try to do a few that have hand work and get those to the point where I can take them with me when I watch the kids at their practices (tumbling, karate, etc).

There are really some pretty variations of the DJ, so I can see where you would want to do more than one. Plus every block is different, so I shouldn't get bored with it.


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You are doing great! The color selection is so cheery.
It is hard to sew with a job & active family & I can tell they always comes first ~ as it should be ~ so a 5" DJ block is your "teeney bit of me-time". You will look at this and be able to pick out which ones you pieced while your son and daughter practiced their kicks and rolls for the zillion-th time~lol. You selected a perfect project and you should set a time limit for completion to be when they graduate high school. :)
Keep sharing your progress!

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WOW!! that's gorgeous Robbi, you're doing a great job!!!! I love the color combos. When I read your post I was thinking a block a month but 10 that is amazing!

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I like your quilt blocks. Thanks for sharing.

Best to you,

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