How to remove pencil marks?

vicky4x4November 8, 2008

I just got a quilt back from my hand quilter and she put the pencil marks on WAY to dark. I have tried washing the quilt but not all came out. Any suggestions?


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Shout stain stick.


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If before you washed it I would have said pencil eraser, has worked for me.

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First, let your quilter know so maybe it won't happen again to someone else! (Been there, done that.) No matter how much discussion you have with hired quilters, these things are often not anticipated. A friend of mine got her handquilted Baltimore Album Quilt returned from a professional with a whole set of incorrect pencil lines still showing. I will ask her what she used to remove them.
Meanwhile, find out exactly what your quilter has used, so you can get that, and test any removal products before using them on your quilt.
You can get an eraser pen that is refillable with white eraser sticks. It's a clickable pen that is easy to hold while you stabilize the fabric with your other hand.
There are other products I have not tried yet. There is a product by Quilters Rule; I found a review of it here:
Marking-Pencil Removal
And I found this tip online, but have not tried it yet: To remove PENCIL lines from fabric, apply the following mixture with a soft toothbrush: 3 ounces of water, 1 ounce of rubbing alcohol, 2-3 drops dishwashing detergent. Another solution to remove PENCIL marks is to use diluted Windex applied with a soft toothbrush.
Always test first...

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My friend tells me: I did nothing as I did not want to wash the entire quilt. They have faded. I used a Cindy Oravaz pencil and she recommended Marking-Pencil Removal which at that time she had in her booth. It comes in a spray bottle. It is made by QuilterÂs Rule IntÂl...

Please do let us know if something works for you?

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Thank you everyone.

My quilter is a personal friend of mine. She quilts for me for free.......... She is old and lives without electricity; I'm sure she needs the lines darker to see them. She said to me og they will wash right out. I think I knew they wouldn't, I used Nature bright from Shaklee and Shout; neither worked. But that said I have decided to give my father the quilt as is. The lines are much lighter then before the washing and I think over time they will wash out. The next quilt I give her I will mark myself and that way I will not be unhappy.

So the next question I will post is: How do you mark your quilt for hand quilting?


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Sounds like you are lucky to have her quilt for you!
If you mark it yourself, she might darken it to be able to see. Maybe a fine-point blue washable marker will be better if the fabric is light, or a white washable marker for dark fabric.

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