Gut and new roof - type of contractor?

seekingsunJuly 8, 2013

We are buying a new property which includes a main house (in good condition) and an additional smaller house which is in bad disrepair. The roof has been leaking, ceiling is falling in and animals have made themselves at home...We want to gut the inside (including asbestos tile) and then most likely an entirely new roof (trusses, deck, etc) needs to be installed. We want to do this up front to get it weather tight and then will work on finishing the interior ourselves. Looking online I don't know who to contact to do this. A demolition company and a new home builder (for the roof)? All the remodeling contractors don't seem to do roof work like this. I was searching on Angie's List but couldn't seem to find the category I need. Any advice would be helpful! TIA!

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A good local General Contractor with good references should be all that you need. You may need an architect or an engineer of your going to remove and reframe the roof but a good GC will let you know for certain.

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You'll need an architect and a general contractor, in that order. You will have to have concrete drawn plans for the permits, and you'll need someone who can manage various trades and schedule them in the correct sequence. You also probably will not get this done before moving in. There's the old adage, Fast. Good. Cheap. Pick two. All three are impossible.

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