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susie53_gwNovember 2, 2008

We have a house next door that has been foreclosed on. It has been empty since last November. They finally finished the process a few weeks ago. They came and changed the locks. Now we will see how long it sits. Little by little the house is being carried away. People just stop and take what they want. The took the air conditioning unit right off the bat. It is only a matter of time before someone breaks in the house and starts on it. It is so sad because it is a nice house. It has a nice barn and 5 acreas. Countrywide has the loan.. We could have sold this house many times. We have no way of contacting them.. No one seems to care...


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So sad.

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How do the thieves know that it is a foreclosed house?

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A family member died six months ago -- the loan on his house was Countrywide. We contacted them and they said they would be out to "secure the house". Well, that was six months ago, the locks have not been changed and the house looks terrible.

Countrywide is pathetic.

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The couple moved out last november. The yard has only been mowed once and that was when my hubby did it. They know that no one lives there. They just help themselves to what they want. I can stand in my yard and they see me and they still steal what they want. It is just a matter of time before someone breaks a window and goes in. We have a number of homes in our area and they are all a mess. Yards not ever mowed, windows broke out and trash everywhere.. So sad..


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Susie, if you saw someone robbing your neighbors house while they were away on vacation, would you call the police? There should be no difference. Call the police! It is robbery!

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linda, I have called several times. They just say it is in foreclosurer and they can't do anything about it. They have tried to contract banks and got nowhere either. There are just to many around here to deal with. The morgage companies just let the house sit for months on end and leave no way of getting ahold of them. We could have sold this house a dozen times but have NO WAY of getting ahold of them.

jenswren, many have gone to the courthouse and found out the home is in foreclosurer. The home has been empty for almost a year , yard has not been mowed and the electrcity has been cut off. It is real clear by just the look at the property that it is empty.. People don't care if you are standing in your yard watching, they still take things.. We can only do so much. Our hands are tied. Countywide is loosing money every day that goes by. You would think they would have some way of contacting them..

If anyone has any info on how to contact them I would try to do just that.. I want someone to be able to buy this home befor it gets tore up.


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not sure why you haven't gone to the Countrywide website and contacted them. I did that with Countrywide and had someone out to the house in two days. BTW....the property being foreclosed on does not change the fact that the people who are looting the house have committed a felony and if your local law enforcement isn't up to par you should go public with some complaints.

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