We had an open house today and got....

persnicketydesignNovember 2, 2008

TWO offers!!! We put a "for sale" sign in the yard two weeks ago and hadn't had a single phone call. DH & I spoke with a family friend last week who is an agent and told her that we'd drop the price 10K, but if we didn't have anyone come look over the weekend we would like her to get it in the MLS for us. The only advertising we'd done was through FSBO.net & Craigslist.

We got an email on Friday afternoon from a couple who had seen our listing on Craigslist and they wanted to come look at the house today. As DH & I were straightening up this morning he said we should just put out an open house sign. So he ran to the store and picked up a couple. Open house scheduled for 1 1/2 hours later....from 1-4. At 1:00 a lovely young couple stopped by and stayed for about 45 minutes. They were followed by a few more "singles" that came through. At 3:30 we got a call back from the young couple saying that they loved the house and would like to buy it. Will bring by purchase offer and earnest money check tomorrow.

Fast forward to the original couple who sent the email. They show up at their scheduled time and put in an offer for our ORIGINAL full asking price if we will pay the closing costs. OK! They come back within the hour with their pre-approval letter from the bank, their "offer to purchase agreement", and an earnest money check. They would love a quick closing so that they can get out of their rental. These folks are the dream buyers!!!

The best part is that our next door neighbors who moved 3 months ago and REALLY needed to sell their house accepted an offer on their house yesterday. We adored that family and had waited to put our house on the market hoping that they could sell theirs first. We knew they needed it. It's been a brilliant day!!!

Good things are still happening in the housing market. :o)

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Wow, congratulations - what area do you live?

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Thanks! We're about ten minutes outside of Augusta, GA. :o)

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It is great to hear some good news. I'm crossing my fingers that both you and your neighbor have smooth sailing through the the closing.
It is also nice to hear a good FSBO story. While I don't think it is for everybody, every market or every house, but it sure appears to have worked for you!

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Thank you so much! We've always bought & sold FSBOs and I definintely agree that's it's not for everyone. A good agent is worth their weight in gold. :o)

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Congratulations on the guick sale. Keep the name and number of the second buyer just in case something happens. We had a sale fall threw a few weeks ago. I think I will take a que from you and trie a open house.

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Congratualtions on your quick FSBO sale. What are the charges involved in listing houses with FSBO.com? We are going to put ours on the market soon and would really love to save that commission.

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We did the $99 package, but they have others that allow you to get listed in the MLS. I think there was one was that was $349 plus a percentage of the sales price when the house closed. We were very happy with them. :o)

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Update...we closed 2 days ago!!! The new owners are letting us stay here for a few more days, so that we can get our CO at the new house. Still don't know how we got lucky enough to have such great buyers show up on our doorstep, but I'm glad they did. :o)

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Wow, what a great story. Congratulations. So very, very happy for you. ;o)

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