what else can I do

fincheloverNovember 29, 2012

I ordered a quilt kit Nov 1 and have not received it as of yet
I wanted to make it for Xmas. I e-mailed them now twice and no answer,should I stop the check or what

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I would be calling them and talk to a human being about it. If they say they never got the order I'd stop payment for sure but maybe they shipped it out and it got lost. (You could ask them for the tracking info.) If they got the order and haven't fulfilled it you could cancel the order. Did they use the check yet?

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I would call them first and speak to a live person. Do you still want the kit?

If you paid by check, and it was deposited by the company in a timely manner, it has already cleared and therefore stopping payment is not an option. Contact your bank and see if the check has cleared.

This is why, I recommend always paying by credit card. You have much more power as a consumer.

Good Luck. I am sorry this has happened to you.

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Definitely call them! They may have a policy to deposit checks and wait till they clear before shipping products which, when you add mail time both ways, could take this long to get the kit.

If you ordered from a quilt shop, they may not check email that often. I've found a lot of small companies that do internet sales have a web hosting service and aren't that computer savvy themselves.


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I hope it wasn't from Keepsake Quilting. I placed an order with them, had one item put on backorder, and then canceled. I've heard from a few others that have had similar situations.

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I used a vendor recently that backordered items and didn't answer my e-mail. I picked up the phone and they were helpful and quite gracious. I think some just don't use e-mail even though their web developer made the site look like they did. The others are right - give them a call.

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all this place had was name of shop and e-mail address
no phone number,no check at the bank no answer per e-mail or phone. I did get a verification number weeks ago

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If it's not too late...stop payment on the check...now!

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I think you should stop payment if you can. Email them to let them know you have stopped payment as you ordered this to quilt for Christmas and it hs not yet arrived. Now there is not enough time to sew it. Did you try a yellow pages search for the shop phone number. Maybe you should post the name of the store so we know what store does not have good customer service.


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finchelover, Please consider that by posting the name of the shop, some of us who have more time, can search out the store and get you more info.


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well,late last nite I got to snooping and found website with phone in tiny words at bottom of page. I called today and guess what got answering machine and said to leave phone no. etc and they would get back with me,I left a message and told them that if I didn't hear from them one way or other I would stop check[which hasn't come to bank yet] Place: Be Sew Happy Quilt shop[sandyquilts@besewhappy.com]

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Well, it seems that you aren't the only one!

Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook for Be Sew Happy

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