Plantation Shutters on French Doors?

catiesdJune 9, 2010

We have tall double door leading to the back patio and have put white shutters on all the windows in the house as well as the French door leading to the back in the FR. There are shutters on the nook window as well. Debate is whether we should add the shutters to these doors or do something different like a woven wood cordless treatment for a little variety...or should we be consistent all over? The kitchen has cherry cabs. red bordeaux granite and beige walls. It gets lots of light as well. Just not sure about shutters everywhere (like a jail) or perhaps putting nothing up at all. Privacy in that part of the kitchen is not too big a deal. Thoughts?

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If privacy isn't a concern I'd leave the doors uncovered. We have French doors leading out to the screened porch. I wouldn't dream of covering them.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Two sets of French doors and a couple singles - all of them have the wide plantation shutters to match the rest of the windows throughout the house.

They actually work very nicely as far as giving you options to control light and privacy.

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Do any of you have pics? We have vertical blinds over our french doors, and we'd like something else. We do like that we can close them at night.

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Do your french doors have "lights"...are they called "mullions?" You know, the criss cross pattern? I am guessing the answer is no...because I think that would look weird with Plantation Shutters...but I am not sure of that! I have french doors as front doors... and also a set leading to our patio area. The one leading to the patio, we have a double rod with sheers on the bottom rod, and nice panels on the top rod.

We also want to do something for our front doors but haven't decided. Might just do a woven wood blind/roman shade. Right now they are not covered and it just feels weird to me...I like to be able to close every window at night.

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If everything but these french doors have the shutters, I'd stick with the shutters.

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yes lets see pics of plantation shutters on french doors please.

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We also have plantation shutters throughout and also on our double french doors. I would stick with shutters and not do something different on the doors, it would look odd, also It would look unfinished IMO if you put had nothing.

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If privacy or light isn't an issue, then I wouldn't put anything up. If it's not broke don't fit it.

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roseabbey-can you post a picture? Are your french doors all glass?

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