Contractor Code of Ethics

mdlnJuly 20, 2014

Cross-post (accidentally put this in building a house forum).

Is there a code of ethics for contractors?

Had a fire in my house (that I lived in for 13 years ) that required major restoration. Finally nearing completion.

My neighbor just told me one of the workers (not the GC) invited my neighbor into my house, gave him a tour and discussed the work being done.

Albeit, I have a nosy neighbor who probably asked him a question. I think the employee should have just said, ''we're working hard'' and not answered any specific question and certainly not bring him into my house - without my permission.

Never considered I would need to tell them no tours. Have many friends who had their homes & kitchens remodeled and never heard of this happening.

I am appalled & outraged, and believe what he did was totally inappropriate, perhaps because in my work we go to great extremes to protect the privacy of patients.

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Simply out of a morel respect for the sanctity of the household, in over 35yrs. I've never had this issue.

If you don't live there, you don't belong there.

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I think you may be taking the wrong perspective here. You probably have had some problems with this nosey neighbor. The worker was unaware of your problems and was probably just proud to show off his and the company's work. Usually, this is very good for business.

A polite reminder to the crew that all tours must be authorized and dropping the matter is the best way to handle this.

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Years ago I was considering using a Kitchen Contractor for a re-do. He said he had obtained permission from a nearby homeowner to allow me to see the work in progress there during a kitchen makeover.

I showed up and rang the front bell. the contractor chewed me out for not using the garage entry. lol

I did the remodel myself rather than using this guy, and I always felt uneasy that he had never really obtained the homeowner's permission for me to visit.

Like you. I'd not be happy with a contractor bringing ANYONE in without my prior permission. I'd discuss your concern with 'management.'

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Actually I have a very good relationship with the neighbor, we get along great. That is not the issue. My privacy and safety/liability issues are my concerns.

Imagine your kitchen is being remodeled, you are not home, and an employee invites your neighbor in for a tour and to discuss construction problems with the remodel. NOT appropriate.

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If it's a minor remodel where your personal items are still in the house, then that is HUGELY inappropriate.
If it was a total gut job and none of your personal items are in the house, it's still inappropriate but not as big a deal in my eyes.

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Thank you snoonyb and saltidawg. Yes Greg, I have personal items in the house.

This was not someone looking to hire a contractor, this was a nosy neighbor.

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Sure your contractor was out of line, but so was your neighbor. I'd be having a word with him as well.

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@ jellytoast - why do you feel my neighbor was out of line?

My neighbor was walking across the grass, between our houses, to get his mail and made a friendly comment to the worker who was throwing trash in the dumpster.

As I have now watched this worker more closely, he spends a lot of time (i.e., more time than all the other workers combined) talking with other workers, walking outside talking on his cell phone, and taking smoking breaks.

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mdln, I would know better than to take a tour of my neighbor's house without my neighbor's knowledge, so I guess I would expect that others would know better as well. Your neighbor could have (and should have) declined the "offer" of a tour.

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Thanks for the clarification. Agree completely!

My neighbor did tell me that he declined a tour of the upstairs - so maybe in the middle of his tour he realized what he was doing was not appropriate.

He is an old retired guy, would have hoped his manners would have been better than someone much younger (the worker).

The only good thing to come of this is - the more his workers screw up, the more agreeable my GC is to accommodate my special/additional requests.

Am trying to find the positive side of things. Thanks for your comments.

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