QofTd 11/28/11 Our Members-Part2

magothyrivergirlNovember 28, 2011

Rosa recently started a wonderful post about Our Members.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving and the traditions of watching the Macy's Parade and Black Friday shopping (not me) and now Cyper Monday - all USA. That made me wonder how many of our members are living in areas outside of the U.S.

I love the diversity a Quilting Forum brings. I am always so very excited when I win blocks or get BD blocks from other areas!

Maybe you'd like to share your general area or country, and tell us what is different - I know muslin fabric is not used in other parts of the world or has a different name.

I live on the Eastern Seaboard. I feel lucky to be in an area where there is a large Guild with workshops given by recognized award winning Quilters. I still consider this forum my primary source of information :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Members

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Thanks for posting, Marsha. I have been wondering where all the forum members live.

I live in Orono, Minnesota, a western suburb of Minneapolis. I have found five great quilting shops within about 30-40 minutes of my house. I wish there were one closer, but it's probably better that I have to make an effort to visit one. Having one on the way home from work could be deadly. They all have seminars or classes that have been a big help to a beginner.

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I live in northwestern Ohio. My house is just 2 miles east of the Ohio/Indiana state line and the Ohio/Michigan line is about 30 miles north.
The nearest quilt shop is about 20 minutes away. There are 2 more shops about 45 minutes away in opposite directions.
I belong to a large quilt guild in Ft. Wayne, IN and a small bee in my hometown. It's great to have quilting friends!
Linda OH

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I live in Bee Cave, TX, which is a suburb west of Austin.

Interesting about the different names for muslin - I've only heard one (except for the frequent misspelling). My neighbor who is from east Texas said her quilting mother and grandmother called it "domestic". She assumes it was because the fabric was plain, not printed.

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I too was wondering where everyone lives. Good idea to start this thread. I live in upstate South Carolina and just love this forum.

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Good question. I always like to see where other members live.

I live in Newfoundland,Canada. Its official name is Newfoundland and Labrador, but I live on the island of Nfld.
It is a wonderful place with a lot of natural beauty. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. For me, the only drawback is the long,cold,snowy winters, as I am not an outdoors person.We already have snow on the ground although it will probably melt over the next few days.
I live about a 1/2 hour drive from the capital of St. John's.

St. John's and Gander played a part in 9/11. Since we are on the eastern edge of North America, the planes returning from Europe had to land here. The airports and surrounding communities filled up with passengers and many volunteers came forward to help in any way possible. We were honored to be a part of helping others at that time.

We don't have many quilt shops or guilds. We don't have the variety of fabrics that bigger places have but I do mostly scrap quilts so that isn't a big problem for me. With online shopping, I can get anything I need.

I like this forum. It was the first quilt forum I joined and members have always been helpful to me. I am part of other quilt forums but this one is small enough for me to call my quilt guild.


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Great idea, Marsha!!

I live in East Tennessee (west of Knoxville). There are quite a few quilt shops in Knoxville, but I don't get that direction very often (at least not when they're open!). I do have a nice shop that is less than 30 minutes from the house and that is where I took my first quilting class. I've been hooked ever since.


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I'm Kate in Orlando now, but I've lived in 6 other states. I gardened in all of them but only quilted in the last few. By far, Central Florida has the widest selection of quilt shops and if you count the eastern coastal areas like Melbourne and Cocoa there are even more to choose from, including one with more batiks than all the other shops combined! My heart soars every time I go in there.

We have a very active guild in Orlando but I'm not a very active member. This forum has been my guild since 2007.


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It is interesting to see where everyone is living. I know of the closest friends and retreaters but not others.

I live in a suburb of San Francisco and am lucky to be surrounded by many shops. Retired, and until he passed in April, chiefly a caregiver, I consider quilting my addiction of choice because I could do this and still stay home and be available.

We have a large guild, Diablo Valley Quilters, but I prefer my close group of just us six that meets monthly in a home. They have become my closest friends. I also enjoy retreat but flying to NC is getting harder and I was hoping for Alabama.

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I live in Florida, hence my siggy of SharonG/FL. The G is the initial of my last name which is not geezerfolks. DH and I were both on the GardenWeb when we signed up in 1997 so to make it easy, we just used geezerfolks as our user name. Since I go up north for a few months at a time, you might see other states after my name.....just to let you know where I am at that time. I've met 2 quilters here in town that I 'met' on quilting forums first. Another one I met through Craigslist!

Robbi, I was in your neck of the woods last week! Sevierville. I met up with smokiescrafter (Jackie) who used to post here....she is one fun lady!!! She took me to a quilt shop there in town.....awesome place!

Hoo Yoo, Jackie, if you're lurking, sign up for the retreat!


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I'm not sure how long I've been on here, but I am from Montana. We have three quilt shops in town, which isn't very big. It must be the long winters up here. There are two quilt guilds, but I have yet to join one. This forum is "my" guild!

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Geraldine, we were in St. John in Oct. 2011. I loved it! We also visited Nova Scotia and Quebec. I've been wanting to go back ever since.

I'm in Winter Garden, FL, west of Orlando. I've lived in central FL my whole life. I belong to the same guild as Kate Orlando.


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I live in Northern Indiana. I can't think of anything unique about quilting or fabric in this area. I usually get fabric online as we only have one fabric store in town (other than WalMart) that is quite expensive; but I go there every couple of months to pick up something (or many somethings!) I don't get out of town much, but there are some Amish fabric stores in neighboring towns that I get to every once in a while (When my mother comes to town!)

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Checking in from Fort Collins, Colorado - about 60 miles north of Denver (actually closer to Wyoming!). I belong to a small neighborhood quilting group (about 10-12 of us). Some of the other members belong to a northern Colorado guild but I have a conflict on the night they meet. We have 2 quilt shops in town and our JoAnns is moving into a larger remodeled store in February.
Would love to see hear more from our quilters not in the US.

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I live in northwest Georgia and have been a forum member many years but spend more time on those relating to gardening. I belong to an active guild but do not turn out near as many projects as most members. My nearest quilt shop is about 30 minutes away but I can get to many more if I want to drive a few more miles.

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Hey Donna. Odds are if you were in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Quebec you also passed through New Brunswick, which is where you would have found me. I suppose you could have ferried around and skipped us. I'm in Riverview and we have a few very nice quilt shops, which I support frequently. I've taken a couple of classes with them, but most of what they offer is during the day so that's no good for me. There is also a very large guild in the area, but so far I've not joined. Like someone else already said, you guys are my guild.

Great question

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Sharon, so close!! I only got as far as Knoxville on Saturday morning. I don't get near that town on Black Friday any more. It's just too crazy. Next time drop me a note that you are in the area and maybe I can also meet you??? I'll be down there on the 16th for my dd's birthday party. I hope I survive all those little girls.


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I have lived in East TN/Knoxville, my whole life. Been trying to get out for about 15 years! Lived briefly in New Mexico with my sister as a teen. We have several shops in the area but I frequent Mammaw's Thimble pretty much exclusively. Just can't beat the customer service and selection. If anyone is rolling through the area, she is just a mile or so off I-40.

This forum has been my guild since around 2005 or 2006 when the quilting bug bit me.


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Another Canadian here!
I live just across the river from Detroit, in Windsor, Ontario. A 3 minute tunnel drive but at least 20-30 minutes to get through customs. That means I do not shop in Detroit, even though there are plenty of quilt shops there. We have 2 or 3 smaller shops here, one larger one about 45 minutes away. And because we are so near to Detroit, 3 other small shops have closed in the past 3 years. They could not compete with American prices, especially from Joann's.
I thoroughly enjoy this forum because, as everyone says, it becomes my guild.
I would like to be part of a small informal group here in town but haven't found anyone to team up with.

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Lois, Are you anywhere close to Albertville?


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I love hearing about where you all live!

My home is Burlington, North Carolina - equal distance from the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area and Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem. I have a choice of several quilt/hobby shops in nearby towns and the fabulous Mary Jo's in Gastonia which is a couple of hours away. I love to go to Lancaster PA as often as possible for the AQS show and to shop. In 2012, my quilting friends and I have a trip to Paducah KY planned! Can't wait!

I've been a member of this Forum since about 2002....guess that makes me an old-timer.

Just to remind you all - I can pick up campers to our Camp Cheerio retreat in the fall at either the RDU airport or PTL (Piedmont Int'l near Greensboro) and drive us up to the retreat.


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Sharon, Albertville is northwest of Minneapolis on Interstate 94, about half an hour from me. Do you know someone there, or is there a great quilt shop there? I love Quilted Treasures in Rogers, which is about 5 minutes closer to me than Albertville. Lois

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I live in S.E. Ohio not too far from the WV border. This part of Ohio is considered Appalachia and is hilly and beautiful. Was born here, but grew up all over including Europe and Asia. So, my tastes in fabric and crafts are pretty esoteric. Moved back here in my late twenties for a more quiet and rural life and to be near my parents. It is a good fit and I belong here.

The quilts one sees locally are often very primitive and homespun and I appreciate that as an art in itself. I am not aware of any local guilds, but there are small groups of quilters who meet for fun and social life in abundance. Most churches have them but I don't belong to any group. My quilting is done up in my little retreat of a sewing room and I do mostly scrappy quilts from recycled fabrics. This forum has really broadened my horizons as far as what other people do in the way of quilting and I consider it my 'guild' as well.

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What a nice idea to learn where everyone lives, it's like taking a trip.
I live in Canandaigua, one of the Finger Lakes of NY. A very beautiful region of the state.
There is a guild that I formerly belonged to but due to time conficts I dropped out and now feel that this is my guild. There are several good quilt shops within a 20-30 mile radius but only a newly expanded Jo-Anne's in town. I love visiting all of them but also use the internet shops as well.
Interesting to note that Teresa lives so near to where my DH of almost 61 yrs. eloped to, Pittsboro. Made a stop there last spring--61 years does change things but the old courthouse still stood even if no longer used.
Lived for short periods in TN & VA plus visited many of your areas, miss doing our yearly trips around the country and seeking out new Quilt shops.

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Faye, we were on a cruise, so we bypassed New Brunswick! I've been to Brunswick, GA several times, though - does that count?


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Lois, My sister lives in Albertville.


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It's such a small world, Sharon. Do you ever get up here to visit? Although I would wait until next spring to plan a trip. It's getting mighty chilly up here now. Florida sounds much more hospitable to me. Lois

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Lois, My sister and her family plan to come down here the end of May. I haven't been up there for a few years so wanted to make the effort this summer.....still not sure and I haven't talked to her about it yet, either. There are a few months I have to get through first. If I'm able to get there, hope we can get together. @:)


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As of Oct 24th I now live in the beautiful Coachella Valley in the city of Palm Desert. After living in the same city (Culver City, CA-just 4 miles from the beach) my entire life I decided to go on a big adventure! I live in a 55+ community and so far its been wonderful! I have never lived in a designed community and I can't wait to explore the 60+ clubs and the neat activities they offer. (The quilting club will be the first.) The weather can be challenging in the summertime, but I have family and friends just 2 hours away so I can do my visiting and traveling then.

I've met several "snow birds" who come down for the season (Nov-May) so I'm excited about meeting people from all over. But for now my cat Sadie and I are as happy as clams!


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I'm going to share this since Marsha asked about different countries. In 2000 I was lucky to be able to make a trip to Australia. Of course I hit every quilt shop I could find in and around Sydney, but there didn't seem to be very many. Everyone kept directing me to wool fabrics but that wasn't what I was hoping to find. I had exchanged a few emails with a renowned quilter from an area west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains so my very understanding husband joined me on this trek to Leura. Turns out the area was well worth the drive because the Blue Mountain area is as amazing as our Grand Canyon and Leura was a charming town. AND the quilt shop was a total treat!!! I didn't get to meet the quilter but her quilts were hanging on their walls and were just amazing. I asked in that shop, as I had in all others, for fabric that was unique to Australia. Everywhere I had been told me there wasn't anything and I really did see all the same manufacturers and designers as I had here. I was hoping for Aboriginal prints or something like that, I guess. As I was leaving, one of the quilters in the shop (yes, lots of people at the work tables just like in quilt shops here) said "What about that stuff over there?" and pointed to one rack. There, on sale, were bolts of fabric featuring leaves, berries and patterns that were distinctly Australian! I was so excited! They laughed and told me none of it was actually made in Oz but I didn't care. I bought a little of everything and when I got home made my favorite ever lap quilt out of it, backed by a wool Quantas airline blanket. It's in my favorite reading chair.

Now I do see Aboriginal prints in our local quilt shops and have used a few.


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Another Canadian here. We live in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island. Originally from Ontario though, just across the river from Bon. We met up once...

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I'm going to try and add the locations to the member list

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Another Linda from NW Ohio here. We live in a small town just southwest of Toledo, so we're very close to the Michigan line and maybe an hour or so east of Indiana. Reasonable driving distance to the Amish areas of both Ohio and Indiana. We try to get to one of those places a couple times a year so I can get a major "hands on" quilting fix!! We do have a couple nice LQS---but really, all of you on here provide almost more daily inspiration than I can keep up with. :)


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Thanks Marsha for posting this, it is so nice to get to know everyone.

A Rosa from Glennville, Georgia here. Joe is DH's name, when I first became a member all sorts of Rosa were taken, and rosajoe was not!

I am about 1 hour SE from Savannah and bordering the Ft. Stewart Army camp. I grew up in this small rural town, moved to Miama, Florida after high school. I was living in Longwood, Florida (I always say Orlando 'cause most people don't know where Longwwod is) and moved here after retiring.

AT&T bounced me all over Florida and that is how I met my DH of 12 years, he was bounced from Arizona lol!!!

It was DH's idea to move back to the country and at first I said, 'You are out of your mind!'. But my family is here and we are both very active in volunteering.

I have no quilting friends and I depend on all of you to keep me inpsired and motivated. No quilt shops close by and I use online shopping a LOT lol!!!! As the oldest of 6 girls I have a huge family and they love for me to make things, but not a single one cares to learn to quilt. I talk about quilting and this forum all of the time and they tolerate me.(So far anyway!)

I am going to take Teresa up on her generous offer for the retreat as I hate to drive when I don't know the area!

It was great to read about everyone! I feel for the ones in the cold, it is 58 today and I am freezing. That's what living in sunny Florida for 35 years will do to you.

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I love the Quilting Forum. I live in the Deep South of Louisiana. I try to go to quilt shows when on rare occasions I find them locally. The only other quilters I know in the area near me are my family members, my aunt and my grandma. Grandma no longer quilts but is a phone call away when I need instructions on how to do something and my aunt is just a phone call away as well and she taught me how to quilt when I was younger. I spend the majority of my time and years lately making quilts for family which leaves me with little time to participate in group quilt block swaps. I like participating the Seeds-N-Stitches quilt group and got to swap a few blocks with them this past year. I like how their deadlines are on a monthly basis for projects so I only commit to months I have free time to do so. Well off to work on an applique block.

Best to you,

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Yet another Canadian ... I'm right near Toronto, Ontario. There aren't many quilt shops around here, not nearly as many as you'd think around a large city, and there were more fabric stores (like FabricLand) but the last year or two has seen many of those locations close. It is getting harder to find good fabric stores, and I am getting to the point where I need to start ordering online perhaps.

I'm trying to make an I Spy quilt for a neice and I wanted to do letters of the alphabet, each square with an image representing a letter, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find some of the letters in our limited fabric locations. I want to finish it for Christmas so I am being forced into ordering for letters (J, N, O, Q, X, Y) although I'm always open to ideas if you have creative image ideas for these letters :)

I have also had trouble in the past finding muslin. I don't use muslin myself but have had to find some for Birthday Blocks. I think they might call it something different (I have asked in some stores, and they don't know) but it seems difficult to find here. Again, that is surprising because I thought being around a large city would help with that sort of thing.

I've never been to a real quilting show, although I'd love to at some point.

With our cold and snowy winters, I tend to spend the winters inside and my hobby of choice is quilting. I started several years ago, and this forum is basically where I figured how to do everything that I can do (and THANK YOU to all of you for your help, knowledge and suggestions, I would never have learned to do any of this without all of you!). I bought a machine a year or two ago (I did everything by hand at the beginning), and now I machine piece but still try to hand quilt as much as possible, except on pieces that I know will get a ton of wear and washings. In the summers, I tend to take a quilting break and spend lots of time outside in the garden. I have roses, flowers, and then lots of veggies and herbs to use in the summer and preserve in the fall.

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I am pretty sure calico in the UK is what American's would call muslin. I suspect that it was likely called that in the U.S. years ago before the vernacular changed so that now it implies a print as opposed to a fabric.

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I live in Spring Hill, Tennessee. I'm twenty minutes from Stitcher's Garden and three hours from Paducah, so I'm lucky there. I've been to the AQS Paducah show twice. Stitcher's Garden is a sight to see. http://quiltshops.blogspot.com/2009/01/stitchers-garden-franklin-tn.html

I do everything by hand so far because it's so relaxing for me. My mom is a quilter, too, so we share our hobbies and that's nice. Otherwise, I only talk quilting here, and though I come and go with other hobbies I'm always quilting in the background.

Cziga, it's a stretch, but here's a glow-in-the-dark skeleton fabric. Could you call it an X-ray?

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I am another member living in Canada....originally from IL. I live on a quiet country road (closest neighbor is 1 mile away) about 45 minutes NW of Toronto in Puslinch Township. Urban sprawl hasn't reached us yet and won't come out here as we live in a Greenbelt area and are protected...yayyy! There are 4 quilt shops within 40 minutes of me but fabric is very expensive here. We pay an average of $18 a meter (about 39 inches) and the fabric chain (Fabricland) which had cottons of a lesser quality closed 2 stores nearby in the last year or so. They have also raised their prices so much that some items are higher priced than at the LQS. Luckily I live an hour from Niagara Falls so head down to the US every 4-6 weeks or so to go to Joann's and my favorite quilt shop in Kenmore,NY....Pine Grove Quilt Shop. They specialize in batiks and civil war reproduction fabric (my favorites) and give their online newsletter subscribers 15% off regular prices.
I can't really offer anything to the discussion about muslin.

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For anyone having trouble finding muslin, here's a source: fabric.com. It's about $5/yard for the 'regular' muslin and $7.something for the darker and lighter versions. Worth checking out if you can't find it locally!


Here is a link that might be useful: fabric.com muslin

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Speaking of muslin, if y'all don't already know this...the "muslin by the bolt" that is really inexpensive at JoAnn's (I think the regular price is around $30 for a 15 yard bolt) is really, really poor quality fabric, too. I guess it's what you'd expect for $2/yard fabric. It doesn't feel nice even after washing and getting the wrinkles out is about impossible.


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Perhaps I'll start asking around for calico and see if I have any better luck ... if not, it'll be ordering online I suppose. Thank you Kate for that link, very handy!!

PetalPatsy - that's actually a pretty fun fabric, good for Halloween and maybe even for an XRay. I was looking for bones around here at halloween but they were all TOO themed, this one is more plain and therefore more useful. I'm going to have a look around that website to see if there are others as well. Thank you :)

Tuppermom - I know, isn't fabric expensive here nowadays. I see about $18 per meter as well, so I try to only buy fabrics when they are on sale, unless I need something specific in a hurry. Fabricland stores are closing around me too and it is hard to find fabric stores. Walmart got rid of their fabrics as well.

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I sent you an email. I have some fabric I can send you to fill in some of your missing letters, as well as a link for some really cute xray fabric - it was on ebay.

Let me know if you want it.

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Sue, I just sent you an email back. Thank you so much for offering, I do really appreciate it as I want to get this quilt done for my niece for Christmas. It is alphabet I Spy squares, with her first initial "N" for Natalia marked out in plain fabric among them. It actually fits perfectly as a small travel quilt for her in the car, and they are going on a road trip for skiing right after Christmas so it would be so perfect if I can get it done (her birthday and Christmas actually fall within a week of each other too!). The fabric has been holding me back so I appreciate your help :) Thank you!!

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G'day everyone! Kristene here from Australia.
It was so much fun to read where everyone comes from. I'll have to mark you all down on my US & Canadian map. I grew up in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) but now live in a city called Orange - which is 155 miles inland from Sydney.

Kate - Leura and the Blue Mountains are roughly half way between Sydney and Orange. Leura is a very trendy, touristy, craft village, with even a "Christmas Shop" all year round(not many cities in Australia have these).You are correct about the beauty of the mountains being similar to your Grand Canyon - only ours is covered in Gum Trees (eucalyptus).The eucalyptus leaves emit oil which mixes with the air to produce a blue appearance to the mountains from a distance - thus the name "Blue Mountains".
The oil in the leaves also makes the trees burn so quickly and easily in bushfires.

Regarding Quilting Fabric shops - they are around but NOT in Sydney CBD. That area is for businesses and tourists. The majority of tourists want regular souvenirs (I know we're different). Rents would be cheaper in the suburbs. If going anywhere, it's better to look online and get addresses first and google directions for ease of transport/access. Any proper quilting fabric store would have some Australian patterned fabric - birds, flowers, animals but not always the Aboriginal prints. I usually buy mine on-line from Sydney -needs a larger market to sell this fabric to.

My city, Orange, is in the Central Tablelands of NSW where it snows (a little) in Winter and have lovely mild Summers. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, my seasons are opposite to yours, so I am now in Summer and we celebrate Christmas and New Year in Summer in the heat - often with picnics and BBQs.
There are 40,000 people in my city and 4 patchwork fabric shops - all within 15 minutes drive from my house! To get Civil War fabrics or any other special fabric, I just go on-line to Sydney and have the fabric within a week.

Muslin/Calico - Here in Australia we have both!
There are many grades of both fabrics, but generally CALICO is of poorer quality and MUSLIN is of finer quality. When I was faced with using Muslin in a Birthday Block, I asked at my Fabric Store and was told it was similar to calico, but finer and referred to as "Quilters' Muslin" You can get bleached (white) or unbleached (cream) muslin and it's lovely and soft.

I lived in Japan for 1 year teaching English, so I adore Japanese prints/patterns/blue dyed fabrics. I brought a lot of fabric home with me (and each time I visit). Batiks also appeal to me with their bright colours that can mingle and mix.

We don't have Quilting Guilds in my city, just groups of friends who get together to quilt. My group came about because we all used to have group quilting lessons from the same teacher. When she retired 4 years ago, we decided to band together, find a hall and meet each week to continue our quilting and help each other. The fabric shops all offer classes too.


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