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sedonamazerJuly 25, 2012

We are almost through with a remodel. Most of the job has gone ok. The contractor's carpenters are very good. The electrician sub contractor is very good. The job has only finishing work left to do, the basement, some outdoor finishing and we are waiting for some custom orders to arrive which are due in a month. Our problem is the work by the plumber. We don't know what we don't know....whether the heat really will work, whether the pipes will hold up....however, the kitchen faucet had to be done twice and now it still has no water flow; he forgot to hook up the dishwasher, forgot to hook up the water in the fridge, forgot to hook up the steam in the dryer, he didn't put the filter in the fridge, he didn't put the faucet in the powder room sink in properly (he left the knobs hanging saying he couldn't figure out how to do it..I called the company and they walked me through it on the phone); he chipped my 3800 marble sink; he put holes in the wrong place in my new tile floor for the radiator and walked all over my rug with muddy feet. I want compensation for the sink, my tile floor fixed, my rug cleaned and to have the water flow in my kitchen fixed. We are going to hire a plumbing inspector to protect ourselves. Do we have to have him back to fix the water flow or can we demand a new plumber? He is a total disaster. My contract is ignoring our requests and keeps sending him back and he makes things worse each time. When is enough enough?

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Your contract is with your contractor, not the plumber. What does the written contract say about re-work? About substituting a contractor? If your contractor won't respond, the best incentive is to keep hold of the next payment installment until he does. Really though, you should sit down with a written list (and pics) of all the issues you've had with this sub and then ask the GC what he's going to do about it. If your contract provides for it, insist on a new sub. Even if your contract doesn't provide for it, insist that the GC address the issues. When he sees the whole list in writing, he may decide he can't afford to use these guys.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

good advise^^

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Send him and old fashioned letter, with return receipt. Put it all down in back and white, with an ultimatum. He might be doing an ex-con a favor or some such thing but either way YOU are the one suffering. Put that in the letter too.

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