QotD 11/28/2011 - Holiday Projects?

K8OrlandoNovember 28, 2011

I'm seeing some posts about rushing to get Christmas gift quilts done and other projects with a holiday deadline. Do you have a holiday or Christmas project this year? What is it and is it done yet?

For me it's the following:

> Christmas tree skirt made with men's ties - done!

> Christmas tree wall hanging made with paper pieced blocks from a lotto win last year - still not done.

> New wallhanging for the office; it's not Christmas-related but I want it done before the neighborhood Christmas party - I only have until Dec 17th for this one.

> Holiday wallhanging for the living room to compliment the tree, the season, etc using all fabrics I have dyed myself - not only is it not done, I haven't even done the dying yet. Maybe next year...


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that's an impressive list. I want pictures when you're done. That will be one colorful tree skirt.

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LOL! It would only be impressive if I got all or most of it done. It will happen by Christmas, just not THIS Christmas.

Funny thing about the tie skirt is that it's not very colorful at all. My FIL stuck to blues and beiges in his tie choices. I have a few from a friend that are more colorful (cartoons and teddybears) but even most of his are pretty bland.

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I made 2 mug rugs for my sisIL and that's all the holiday sewing I am doing. I gave it up several years ago when I realized I was spending six months a year planning and making Christmas gifts. We now make donations to charity in honor of family and friends.


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I did a taggie quilt & 2 puzzle balls, but that's all I intend to do for the holiday. I already have enough wall hangings for my house, and don't gift to anyone else. So anything else I get done are just projects that I have outstanding for me.

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I think I have "bit off more than I can chew" this year. this is my list:
-quilt for friend's son (she has "commissioned" it) not done
-throw for my son not done
-gifts for cousins...not only not done, but no decision on what item to make......
-am taking a bargello class to make a wall hanging.
-want to make a doll rag quilt for DGD
-had plans and material to make quilt for mom don't think it is going to happen.

I may just go shopping.....and move all of this to next year!

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This year I think I outdone myself! LOL
Blue and white Shakespeare in the Park for my cousin - done
Blue and white Disappearing Nine Patch for another cousin - done
Black White and Red Disappearing Nine Patch for another cousin - done
Green Red and Beige Disappearing Nine Patch for another cousin - done
Teal and Black Disappearing Nine Patch for a friend - just need to bind
Eagle Wallhanging for my husband - done
Crate blanket for my grandpuppy - done
Japanese Tree of Life Wallhanging for me - in progress

I had decided that this year I was going to make a quilt for everyone who is close to me that I had not made one for. I succeeded except for my mom, who is going to remodel her bedroom and has not given me colors yet. I had made the Chocolate brown Shakespeare in the Park for my son's wedding in October, so I did not have to do a christmas quilt for him. I also made an Irish Chain out of 1930's fabric for a friend going through chemo earlier in the year. This has been my most productive year!


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Wow Jackie! I thought my quilting was going well this year but your list WAY outdoes mine. Congrats!!!

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I have two Dr. Seuss baby quilts to quilt (twin great nephews) and a girl baby quilt to start and finish before Christmas for new great niece. I just need to dig out my machine!

Would love to make a tree skirt, but not feeling that ambitious at the moment.


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You guys are impressive!! Jackie, you have some lucky family members :-) Kate, I'd like to see that tie tree skirt. My dh wears a lot of ties and is constantly getting new ones. I like the idea but would love to see a picture.

I have one projects that someone asked me to do, but it isn't quilting. She wants a pillow case (minky fabric) for her 3 yr old grandson. She wants some Micky Mouse embroidery done on it. I have all the parts, just need the time to sit down and put it together.

My family got me an iPad for my birthday, so I found a cute pattern on etsy last weekend to make a wedge cover for it. It if comes out as well as the picture, I would like to make one for my cousin's iPad, too. Time will tell.

Otherwise most of the family wants electronics, so that makes it easy for me.


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Looking forwrd to seeing the tie project too!!!!

I am almost finished quilting the 'cats' quilt for Christmas. It started out OK until I start to applique the mice. I don't like the way they have turned out. It will be loved and it's not going in a show so I need to get over myself lol!!!!

3 candle mats to be done and not even started!! has to be finished by the 17th. As soon as I can decide on a pattern they will go fast.

Donna I wish my fam would cut back on the Christmas gifts, but when I tried to suggest it last year it started a small war. Some fam members are still kind of not happy with me lol!!!! It's not about the PRESENTS right lol!!!!!

We still donate to charities and I am making Christmas cookies for shoeboxes for our shut ins and we will make a money donation. Boys Town, and Christmas Angels are always on our lists.

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Several years ago we decided to stop doing Christmas presents for far-flung family and started restricting it to just kids under the age of 16. DH and I exchange gifts but just small things that are more delightful and fun than they are expensive. We make a donation to Heifer International in the name of the whole family, then send notes telling everyone what the donation went for. The siblings haven't jumped into the spirit of this as much as their kids have; the 20-somethings and 30-somethings in the family are now all doing the same thing and really searching for meaningful charities.

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No homemade gifts from me this year. About every other year I make a lot of pillowcases and kitchen towels with potholders to hang them by. When I was up north in the Spring, I took my family out to dinner and told them Merry Christmas. Their gas tanks got filled last year. The Florida family will probably get gift cert or gas cards. I'm really not a bah-humbugger....


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