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kjheckApril 17, 2013

We are replacing our whirlpool wall oven/microwave combo unit as part of a kitchen facelift. I would love a double oven but don't have room to put the microwave elsewhere. Some options I've considered:

1.GE single/double oven & a standard GE micro with trim kit
2. Kitchenaid oven/convection microwave combo unit
3. Kitchenaid single wall oven & KA convection microwave with trim kit
4. GE single wall oven & GE Advantium 120V

Any advice on the best option? I think I would use two ovens a lot. I cook all the time and love to roast veggies while baking a main entree. The GE single/double oven seems like a really good set up but I'm just worried that I will miss one big oven.

Do the convection microwaves really work like a second oven? Can I roast my veggies in there?

Also, I only have one 240V power source and rewiring isn't an option. So I can't do the GE Advantium 240 (but could do the 120V, though I've read very mixed reviews on the 120).

Thanks so much for the help!

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I am not knowledgeable enough about convection microwave combos or Advantium to offer opinions. I can say that we quickly ruled out buying a double oven (either two ovens or oven and microwave) because we did'n't want to have to replace the whole thing if one of the two ovens needed to be replaced---it was especially an issue to us, since we were going with a standard microwave with trim kit and a separate regular convection oven. I'd hate to have to rebuy the whole thing just because the microwave didn't work anymore.

Since installing the oven ourselves (meaning DH with me as a go-fer and assistant), I can also add that there is no way DH and I could have lifted a DOUBLE wall oven enough to get it on something that allowed us to slide it into place---we could barely manage it with a single oven. Of course DH could have asked a friend to help him lift it, but we try to take care of things ourselves.

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In my previous kitchen I had a gas stove with a single oven. In my new kitchen I have a GE Profile wall oven and the Advantium 120. This set up works great for me. I often roast vegetables using the speed cook option while I have something cooking at a lower temperature in the regular oven.They turn out great. I have also used the Advantium speed cook for things such as fresh pizza, pork chops, fish, potato dishes, quiche, lasagna and other entrees. I have used its convection bake setting for things like brownies and cookies.
There is some learning curve for using the Advantium. Just recently I decided to figure out the custom recipes option and it is nice because once you program it you do not have to enter cooking temps and times for your own recipes the next time you make it.
You do have to change out the microwave glass tray for a metal tray when using the other cooking options. And remember that the microwave wont be
available when using speed cook or convection bake/broil. so you have to plan for that if you also microwave a lot.
I know that GE appliances aren't generally favored on this forum but I have been enjoying both the oven and Advantium. I absolutely love using the built in probe feature of the wall oven. Meats come out perfectly done to the temperature I set.
Here is a picture of my oven set up. The door under the oven stack holds the Advantium accessories.

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