Nita__AZJune 28, 2012

We will be traveling from Ennis, MT to Salt Lake City, UT on July 10th. Would love to meet with you if this date would work for you. We need to have a place big enough to park a rig that is 60 feet long. Please email me at

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Good morning! The date is good, but you are taking a different route home than I expected. We live a long way wet from I-15. It was a good idea though! LOL Have you been to that part of Montana? Beautiful area, especially the canyon below Quake Lake. We lived in Bozeman for a few years so very familiar with the whole area. Meeting up will happen someday! Enjoy the rest of your trip. (hugs)

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Darn, I'm sorry we won't be able to connect this time. Timm has tickets to fly back to Tampa from SLC on the 11th. Someday we will ge to meet I am sure of it. Hugs back at you.

We have been through all the area that we will be going to through this time. I love it each time we see it. Ennis is so pretty.

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Last I heard there was a good size fire north of Ennis. I can't remember the real name of the place, but it is commonly known as potty junction, because of all the potties there for fishermen.LOL Hope it isn't filled with smoke.
I have meeting up with Nita, on my bucket list!

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