Fiberglass doors and warping

Grossfeld1July 26, 2012

I need to replace a double 32 inch entry door which are steel with 2 fiberglass doors for cosmetic reasons. I am looking at using 2 - 32 inch Jen-Weld doors with a three point lock system. The front of the house gets very hot in the afternoons and I am worried that the doors may warp. They are expensive about 13 k for the two doors and the warranty is only for 5 years. Does anyone have experience with a fiberglass Jen-Weld doors that is in the direct afternoon sun? If so did they warp or withstand the elements. Thanks!

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Are you replacing the entire unit frame and all? Is there a porch above it or an overhang? If so what is the distance of the overhang? Are you using a storm door in front of this? Is there glass in the doors? What series doors are these(picture would be good)? What type of porch or deck is in underneath the entryway?

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You should know that double doors are more likely to cause problems if they do warp, since they lock into each other and not a rigid frame. The 3 point system will help this but not fix it completely.
PAINT THEM a lighter color on the outside to help with the heat situation.
Consider a screen door and not a storm door.

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