Ikea cabinets, alternate door questions

six172April 11, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I'm cross posting this from over on Ikeafans.com. I'm not getting much of a response from anyone over there, so I thought I would try here.

We are in the process of building a new home and are looking to use IKEA cabinets in the kitchen. However, my lovely wife doesn't really like the doors and color combinations that are available. I have been looking at Scherr's cabinet and drawer fronts. The wife likes a couple of the styles and she has a stain she is interested in. This brings me to my first question. Where do I get the cover panels and pieces that will cover the sides of the cabinets? Does anyone else have experience with Scherr's, if so how was the experience and the quality?

I have attached the layout of the kitchen, although the island I think is going to be rotated 90 degrees because of the size. We wouldn't mind having a tiered island like in the design, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to make that happen with Ikea's cabinets. Any advice on this is appreciated as well.

Ikea Planner Main Cabinets
Ikea Planner Island

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I know nothing about Scherrs other than what I've read here. However, decorative side panels are typically just extra doors, so I assume they can provide those.

For the 2 tier island, they are built in 2 ways. Most commonly, you build a pony wall, that comes up a few inches above the lower counter. The cabinets are attached to one side, and the upper counter goes on top of the wall. You can also get brackets that attach to the lower cabinet and the upper counter sits on top.

The idea is that it creates a bar for sitting at. If you had taller cabinets on that side, there'd be no place for your legs.

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Have you looked at www.semihandmade.com for IKEA compatible doors?

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If you order custom doors, usually you get the trim pieces from the same supplier, especially if they're doing the finishing on them.

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I would be surprised if scherr's can't provide end panels and so on. I'd email them and ask. Barkers is another commonly mentioned supplier for doors and drawer fronts for ikea kitchens.

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I've read positive reviews about Scherrs, and about Semihandmade. I think you can probably send them your planner file for a quote once you have figured out your door style. My local cabinet door fabricator is surprisingly inexpensive so I'm going to try them. But I'll have to supply exact measurements and do the precision drilling required.

Not sure if I understand your island question, but IKEA does sell brackets to elevate a countertop portion.

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I used cabinets now. Walnut doors on IKEA boxes. Bought the finishing pieces from the local lumberyard. Here is the link to the finished kitchen. The thread is long, but all the details are there.

Here is a link that might be useful: vsalz kitchen

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback. The pony wall makes a lot of sense for the tiered island. Looks like I need to talk to Scherr's about the side panels, consensus is that will be something they provide to me.

Thanks again

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