Black Friday deals anyone???

polardreamsNovember 26, 2010

Got up early (6:30) and headed to JoAnns ... got my mom a new sewing machine for Christmas. She's 83 & her 30+year old White finally gave up. My siblings & I are getting her a Singer 8763 - looks like it will be pretty good for quilting & mending. THEN ... got 52- 2yard cuts of polar fleece. THAT took a while. I am volunteering at my old school on their service day & the kids will be making tied-fleece blankets for Project Linus. What a great buy - $2.99 a yard then 20% off total purchase! I spent $250, but saved $700!!! I think I need to go back & look at some other stuff for MY OWN projects! Anyone else get any great deals???


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I kept the DGSs overnight so that DS & DIL could shop. My mom went to JoAnns bright & early too -- & found the line extending to the front of the store, clear across the front & beginning to snake back - all waiting to be cut! She decided that at $1.29/yd for flannel (all for charity quilts too) it just wasn't worth it. Besides, most of what she wanted someone else was holding! She said if she waited for the 36 people ahead of her in line only to discover that there wasn't anything left on the bolt, she'd be hot! lol So needless to say - she left empty handed.
While I love the shopping frenzy once a year (I don't shop much at all anymore) I know I've had way more fun here at home w/the boys!

Happy (bargain) hunting everyone!!


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I wouldn't dream of going anywhere near a store around a holiday. I don't even like to think that people in non-emergency professions have to work.

Spoils the holiday buzz. ;>

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Got some of the 1.29 flannel at Joann's and some of the British plaid flannels. Thinking of a cozy rail fence scrappy flannel quilt, maybe next year. Also got a 24" x 36" cutting mat, no more scrunching up on my tiny one, Yay!!! It was 50% off bringing price from $50 to $25, and because it was before noon, got another 20% off everything. Mat now only $20. Also lots of thread at BOGO!

Lines weren't too bad, but our store isn't in a big city. I think most people were mall shopping.

Now it's time to hit the Joann's "Online Only" specials!

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I wouldn't fight that madness if they were GIVING it away. Not much aggravates me more than grabby, snatchy, rude shoppers and watching the overworked and stressed out retail clerks trying to put up with them.

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I ventured out to the bank and the grocery store (no crowds there! LOL), but even that required a zigzag route to avoid the closest mall.

I've been just happily sewing & reading all day. DH runs a pack & ship store, so he's working today & tomorrow.

My usual game plan is to stock up on thread, batting, etc. before T'giving and pretty much stay home during Dec. except for going to work.


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I'm with Donna. I made a trip to the grocery store and post office with no problems and then went back home and locked the door. Warm and well fed, I can sew through the weekend. I have a new drink recipe I want to try so may have a party tonight with DH.

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Saw on the news today, right after I posted previously on this, there was a Target store where a guy got trampled when the doors first opened up, this poor guy was down on the floor and all these idiots just stomped right over him, the poor guy was screaming, other people were trying to help him, it didn't matter. All to get a good bargain. This could have been a child.

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Shop on Black Friday? I'd rather have a root canal and give birth to twins simultaneously. LOL.

More power to anyone who enjoys it, but it's not for me. I spent the day with my delightful teenaged g'daughter, chatting with my son, and my nine month old new g'son. Now that's a most pleasant way to spend the day after a holiday.

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Yikes! What horror stories of shopping! I'll pass on the root canal AND giving birth to twins ... that is too funny! It sounds like many of you had a great day with family. :)

Our JoAnns wasn't too crowded and the clerks were fabulous and helpful!(of course I was there at 7a.m. and out before 8! Considering how much fabric I needed cut - less than an hour from start to finish was really awesome! DH & I did go out this afternoon to pick up a couple other items but we ran in & out, got the item we needed and headed back home.

Made apple pancakes for family & son's friends when I got home!

Now ... deciding if I need to make a run tomorrow to get fabrics for me...


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So Toolgranny, tell us about your drink recipe!

We went to a restaurant last weekend called the Elephant Bar. I wanted to go there b/c they had a habanero margarita that I really like! Well, they discontinued it last week...BUMMER!


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DH asked me if I planned on going out way! JoAnn's is 30 miles away and I don't need anything so why bother? I don't like crowds and rude people just plain make me mad! I was sleeping while others were out and about this morning then I look a long nap this afternoon. @:)


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Not me,i slept in til 10,than got up.had breakfast,while i lingered over the paper.Then this afternoon i had to take GD to her dr appt,so while i was out i went to the bank.Didn't go into any stores.They don't have anything i want that bad.Besides i also don't like the rude people out there.

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I went to the La-Z-Boy showroom and got a new rocker recliner. I sat in them all, and got the one I felt best in--a smaller, less expensive model, but still hideously expensive.

I like my old one SO much better, even though it's worn completely out, scratched to shreds by cats, and stiff with spilled drops of soda. I only caved in because the padding is really giving way, too.

They don't make them like they used to. SOB.

So, I got online and also ordered up some CHEAP chenille upholstery fabric--on sale for $6.25/yd. I don't know....maybe a psychiatrist could help me.

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I went to Hancocks on Weds and got some fleece at a $1.00 more than the BFS price, figured I would just pay a bit extra and not stand in line waiting for cutting. Worked for me and I got what I wanted. But then on Friday afternoon after my post turkey sandwich nap, decided I would just go and see what was happening...great run. Got a 10 yard bolt of wonder under for 7.99! some 2 yd cuts of fleece for $3.99. Very surprised that the special deals were still there. Encouraged by that success proceeded to Lowes, got the 98 cent poinsettas, and $1 plexiglass cuts for the bottom of my purses (as opposed to the $9 ones available) and on to Michaels for $20 rolling scrapbook tote. All in all very successful, didn't have to get up right after midnight, didn't have to stand in line, didn't have to fight for a parking space, and got the bargains I wanted too!
Now petalpatsy, are you planning on re-upholstering your new chair with your bargain chenille? if so maybe a psychiatrist could help, if not....I think you are OK! LOL but that's just me....LOL

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This was my very first Black Friday shopping spree - I have to say, I would do it again :D

I was out and about by 5:00 and home before noon! A few more people than usual at JoAnns but everyone was great about sharing and in REALLY GOOD moods. I got over $300 of fabric for under $99!! Because I am a 'valued' shopper hehehehe I got 50% off of 1/2 of my purchases and then another 20% on everything, with the store coupon.

I got lots of baby fabric's so when I got home I made a 'texture' quilt for my Granddaughter that is due in April - fleece, flannel, cottons and satin - butterfly's and flowers all appliqued. For the backing I found this wonderful/fun flannel that repeats 'I LOVE GRANDMA' over and over. Then I made 2 recieving blankets. I know that I am probably a little bit excited and may be over doing the Grandma thing but she is the first!

Can't wait till next weeks sales to do it all over again!

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Yesterday I ventured out to Hobby Lobby to pick up some ribbon and one quilting fabric. It wasn't too crowded at the time - around lunch. Just about all the fabrics were 30% off and the Warm and Natural/White batting was $6.95 a yard for 90 inches wide, so I got 3 yards of that - I can always use batting. Then I got some cotton to make my hair stylist a smock for Christmas. Only had to wait a couple of minutes to get checked out. And as I remarked to the cashier/ass. manager - what a pleasant surprise to find salespersons cutting fabric that actually knew something about sewing! What a novel idea! One clerk was pointing out to her customer that she needed elastic for the pajama pants she was making for gifts and that two ties at an apron neck would be just as easy as buying a D ring.


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I did my Joanns shopping "online". I bought the bendable light and the kit to put it on at 50% off! And I had the "free shipping" code as well. So I'm a happy camper. I find that shopping online (for me) is the way to go. Lots less stress and the deals are just as good. And of course I don't have to find a parking place or stand in long lines at the cutting table. lol


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Okay, I broke my own rule and went to the LQS that was having a 3yd for price of 2yd sale today. I know, I know. I said I would stay inside but couldn't help myself. I'll seek therapy soon!

I bought 2 pieces of fabric to complete 2 projects, nothing just cause I liked it and couldn't resist - honest!

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