Midcentury modern remodel Pics- Jakabedy :)

rockybirdJuly 4, 2013

This is for Jakabedy and other midcentury addicts! Sorry I have been so bad at getting these pics Jakabedy! I have not finished the remodel as I decided to do a master addition to capture the views of the city and pool out the front, and the red mountain in back. I want to get a general plan before I proceed.

Here are pics of what I did so far...still have lots left to do. I took down as many walls as I could to open the spaces up. Also, added new glass, new electric, new kitchen, new AC system, new roof, new floor (needs to be redone again!), new flat drywall, restored blocks in front,new pool with glass fence to preserve views, etc. House was in terrible unliveable condition when I bought it. They had tried to make it Tuscan or country style! Next stop will be new stucco and paint and landscaping. I'm meeting with a new architect next week. I'm hoping he can help me design this to be done in stages.


island and cute little bird

pivot door

Red rock




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Ooooooh, Rockybird! It looks amazing! The kitchen turned out great and I love all the pieces you've found for the house. My favorite little thing (among many things) is actually the bath where the glass shower wall extends beneath the floating vanity. That's such a cool touch.

Is the little green guy the real Rockybird? Or his friend? I'll bet they love their mod pad.

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Mod usually isn't my style but I couldn't wait to see the next pic as I scrolled down, completely mesmerized! You've done a great job and I just love it!

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You should post over on the Decorating forum, too. I know folks would love to see how far you've come with your place.

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Circus Peanut

Ditto the Decorating forum -- there are never enough Modern interiors posted over there and they could use the eye candy. And this is really truly stellar. Such an excellent job!

Your bird is to die for. What a color scheme he has for MCM inspiration!

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Thank you jakabedy, 1917 bungalow and circuspeanut! It really means a lot!

LOL Yes the little green guy on the glass is the real Rocky. Actually, after thinking it was a boy for 11 yrs., I found out she's a little girl! The white breasted bird that got into the peanut butter is my caique, Zeek. He is a handful and is always marching around the house getting into trouble.

He loves to lay on his back, snuggle, and "wrestle."

Jakabedy, the counter in that bathroom extends past the glass into the shower. There are shelves on that side for shampoo, etc. I can take a pic later if you like.

And here is my sweet girl strutting her stuff and playing with her hotwheel car:

Watching me through the window:

Another pic, from the pool:

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I. Love. Your. House!
You have brought to life what is in my imagination for a dream house. Thank you.

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Absolutely love your home. Makes me want to run out a buy a MCM and renovate it! I do think I love the baths the most, because I love those material choices.

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Thanks so much gooster and anitamo! I lucked out and got this as a short sale a couple yrs ago. I wanted an MCM home, but only in certain neighborhoods. My budget didnt buy much in those neighborhoods. When I saw this house, it was in such poor condition that the realtor and I left laughing that anyone would think it was worth the asking price. But I couldnt get it out of my mind, thinking of the potential and who the original architect had been. I ended up getting the house (for a lower price), even though the realtor tried to talk me out of it.

I am hoping I can afford the new architect, as he worked with the original architect, something I think will help preserve the value of the home with the addition.

Here's some pics to show some of the things, especially textures, the original architect did:

Inerior block walls (office):

Wood siding:

Flower planters with patio roof gaps, allowing for a very tall palm tree. Everything is in 8 foot increments, and I had a heck of a time finding someone to make 8 foot long window panels and sliders. When I am ready, the addition will go at the head of the pool, at the end of the house. It will not be visible from the road, so as not to mess up the lines and architecure of the house.

More wood and red rock:

Exterior block wall:

Glass fence (I added):

Bathroom counter extends into shower:

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I'm very happy to see the end product after being involved in the kitchen process. Did you essentially do without a conventional range hood? I see a ducted room ventilation fan up there, I think. I know there was an issue with the ceiling/roof vs a conventional hood

I am moving into a modernist that does not have the finesse that yours has, but also hadn't been as remuddled as yours had either.The fixed windows are just plate glass held in with quarter round and they stuck a sliding or awning ventilator in the opening somewhere. A cheap way to get walls of glass, but not a very good way ---but it was common here. Also, I have some trapezoidal windows to deal with.

Thanks for showing some after pictures, I was afraid I would never get to see it.

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Thank you pamplimsest and thank you for all your help with the kitchen. Congrats on your new home! That sounds wonderful, but I am biased towards mcm homes. I cant wait to see pics.

I'm sorry it took me so long to update things. I just met with the architect for the addition and to plan out the completion of the remodel. I'm excited to get moving on it, but I realize it will take me a couple yrs. to finish the whole project.

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You sure this isn't the set for Brendan Fraser's Blast from the Past"?

Good job!

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Stunning! This house is very lucky to have you as the owner.
Great job done both interior and exterior!

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What a beautiful home! A true atomic ranch of the 21st century.

This should be on the Decorating forum too. Please, please - we are so short on the MCM decor there!

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Thank you so much worthy, azmom, and LanaRoma. It really means a lot to hear. It still needs a ton of exterior and interior work, but it's getting there. I will post on decorating forum this weekend! :)

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